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Why Precast Concrete Walls Are Superior to Wood Fences

It can be tough to choose between all the materials offered for perimeter walls. There are pros and cons to each type of material. One big benefit to choosing precast concrete is its durability and strength. For millennia throughout antiquity, concrete was used to build walls that would last hundreds of years. What’s more, AFTEC provides textures that you can customize the aesthetic of your wall products so that you don’t have to worry about staring at a flat slab.

In this article, you will discover the reasoning behind choosing precast concrete walls for your perimeter fence over wood. There are a variety of reasons to choose concrete over wood, but the choice is still yours to make. At AFTEC, we want you to have a durable, strong, beautiful fence wall that can meet all your needs.

Concrete vs. Wood

Maintenance: Concrete vs. Wood

Wood requires much more maintenance to keep in operational condition than concrete. Depending on the climate in your area, wood may be at risk for rot and quickened deterioration due to pests and water. A wood fence requires that you paint it every few years to stall this deterioration.

Precast concrete walls require little to no maintenance. Once they are installed and secured, you can virtually forget about them. The only time that you’ll need to maintain your wall is if you want to clean it off or if you have to repair it from damage. Fortunately, concrete walls rarely sustain damage except in the most extreme of cases.

Total cost of maintenance between the two materials is in favor of choosing concrete. Wood costs much more to maintain while concrete requires a slightly higher up-front cost, but it will last you for decades with little to no maintenance.

Deterioration: Concrete V.S. Wood

As mentioned above, wood deteriorates quickly. When compared to concrete, wood lasts a few years while concrete lasts decades. You can take a look at antiquity and see concrete-based walls that have lasted nearly 2,000 years.

When it comes to deterioration, wood is obviously more prone to it. A common problem for wood is rot or fungal “infection” that eats the wood from the inside out. Moisture is a main factor in speeding up in the deterioration process, destroying the structural integrity of the wood.

Compared to wood, concrete is the superior option to prevent deterioration. While concrete can deteriorate due to water or other potential chemical reactions, it takes decades for this to have any effect on the integrity of the structure. Again, antiquity shows that concrete is a strong, durable material. The advancement of concrete over the last few hundred years has made it the superior solution to long lasting concrete walls.

Strength: Concrete vs. Wood

Wood, in certain uses, is extremely strong. Consider the trees that grow over 100 feet tall in the forests around the world. When it comes to strength against breach or attack, wood can only last for so long. While beautiful and majestic, wood is not stronger than concrete.

Concrete walls have been used for thousands of years to protect cities and people. They are much more durable when it comes to deterring criminal advances. Finally, it takes significantly more effort to cut or break through a concrete wall.

Beauty: Concrete vs. Wood

Wood can be found, shaped, and modified to make beautiful fences. What’s more, wood is a naturally beautiful material. It radiates the beauty of nature and offers unique aesthetics. For most, wood is absolutely stunning.

When compared to concrete, wood is typically the winner in the beauty category. However, AFTEC offers texturing to their precast concrete walls that can rival the beauty of wood. When you choose precast concrete products from AFTEC, you’re not just getting a slab of concrete. You can customize it’s aesthetics to fit your needs. This makes precast concrete walls a viable option when they need to function great and look even better.

AFTEC: The Worldwide Leader in Precast Concrete Walls and Systems

Do you need a perimeter wall or fence for your residential, commercial, industrial, or public works project? There’s no need to look any further. AFTEC provides the ultimate solution to concrete wall products and systems around the world. Whether you’re a customer in need of a wall or someone looking to become a precast concrete wall manufacturer, AFTEC can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for a quote!

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