What We Do

Precast concrete fencing is quickly becoming the ideal application for any fence or wall project. Our proprietary precast wall forming systems feature innovative technology that reduces production time and cost, making it the superior solution.


The Products We Produce

The SoundTec™ Wall System, used with steel or concrete support columns, are primarily designed to fulfill requirements for reflective and absorptive noise barriers, as well as security walls.

SoundTec™ wall heights are not restricted and can be engineered to provide whatever height is required for a project. The walls are capable of being produced in various widths, lengths and heights to suit a project’s required specifications.

SoundTec™ walls are installed using separate column and panel components.

The StoneTree® Concrete Fence Wall system with single wall sections using AFTEC’s proprietary Combo-Cast™ technology is available in different textures and finishes in heights from 3 ft to 16 ft. All walls are vertically cast with either full texture designs on the panels and columns or using the picture frame motif highlighting the inset stone or architectural finish. StoneTree® Walls are installed with caisson footings 15 ft on-center using AFTEC’s Rigid Footing Support System making for a fast installation process that self-aligns the wall during installation.

SoundTec™ and StoneTree® products are used on many different types of construction products including commercial, industrial and residential development projects.

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Our Forming Systems

The SoundTec™ Forming System: A vertical panel forming system configured as a battery mold using separate steel or concrete columns for structural supports, for use predominantly for noise and security walls. SoundTec™ Noise Panels are produced with reflective and/or absorptive features integrally cast with the panel in a vertical format allowing for formed texture on both sides of the wall.

The StoneTree® System: A column and panel integrally cast into a single wall section, available in heights of 3 ft through 8 ft. The forming systems incorporate an interchangeable liner design of highly defined textures.

Custom Forms: With AFTEC’s innovative approach of building forming systems, the custom form design will be evaluated by the company’s design team, and value engineered in the most efficient way possible to achieve a state-of-the-art system that will be long lasting and provide high-quality products. AFTEC’s in-house liner production facility becomes part of the custom forming design process and integrates with all aspects of manufacturing the new forming system.

Column and Cap Forms: AFTEC offers a number of column and cap form designs incorporating stock and custom designed textured liners. The various form types are available either as singular or grouped units.

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