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When it comes to decorative walls and fences, you have many options. From wood to acrylic and natural stone, each of these traditional wall materials can add to a property’s aesthetic. But how well do these materials compare to concrete? 

With that being said, not all concrete walls are created equal. Concrete is a durable material that can withstand even the toughest climates, but not all concrete walls can be customized with beautiful textures, colors, and designs. That’s what makes AFTEC’s StoneTree® decorative precast concrete walls stand out from the rest. Keep reading to learn all the amazing advantages you can enjoy from our decorative concrete walls and fences. Check it out.

How Can Decorative Precast Concrete Walls Benefit Your Project?

Creative Design Options

Traditional materials like wood and masonry offer some creative design options, but these can get incredibly costly as you layer on the customizations. What’s more, wood and masonry materials aren’t very cheap, to begin with. On the other hand, AFTEC can customize your precast concrete walls with a range of versatile design customizations while still working within a cost-effective budget. These design options may include ornamental iron configurations, double-sided textures, and more! If you can think of it, we can probably do it. 

Beautiful Texture Options

Texturization adds a lot of depth and style to concrete walls. All of our StoneTree® concrete walls can be customized with decorative textures that replicate natural stone, brick, stucco, block, and other architectural designs. Better yet, we can apply the texture to both sides of the concrete wall system, enhancing the appearance of both sides of a property line. This is the perfect way to add elegance to a property at a fraction of the cost of other wall and fence materials.   

Attractive Colors

AFTEC concrete walls can be customized with various stains to enhance the texture, adding a look of distinction to a residential, commercial, or even industrial property. The stains are formulated to look natural in appearance, but really make the walls stand out.

Maximum Durability

Unlike wood and acrylic walls that can wear down over time, decorative precast concrete walls are designed to withstand the test of time through even the toughest of conditions. AFTEC walls can guarantee a longer lifespan — and more bang for your buck — because they are more resistant to insects, weather, environmental changes, temperature fluctuations, and ground shifts.

Easy to Maintain

Precast concrete walls are easy to maintain, requiring virtually no maintenance. Project managers, this is a major selling point for your clients who are on the fence (pun intended) about which wall or fence material to go with. What’s better than a beautifully manufactured and installed decorative wall that requires relatively no maintenance, that also continues to provide protection, security, and elegance to a property for decades to come?

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AFTEC decorative concrete walls and fences deliver maximum durability, longevity, and protection, while adding an elegant aesthetic to any property. If you are ready to explore your options, please reach out to the AFTEC team to get started. We offer a wide range of textures, colors, and architectural designs that will add beauty and value to your residential, commercial, or industrial property. Get started today!