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The Need For Good Privacy Walls

residential privacy walls

Homeowners, commercial and industrial businesses, and gated communities have two choices for privacy walls: softscape and hardscape. Softscape privacy walls are beautiful, invite birds to the yard, and are planned right into the landscape. Softscape privacy walls are live plants gown to obscure the home from the outside. The downside of softscape privacy walls is that they require a lot of maintenance; is any of the shrubberies, trees, or vines die, the holes in your privacy walls are very obvious.

In the long run, hardscape privacy walls are less expensive, and they need to follow strict fence codes. Lower maintenance is a very attractive feature of precast privacy walls. Unlike softscape walls, your precast concrete privacy fence will not attract insects. Precast concrete privacy walls can be simple or decorative. Precast concrete allows decorative elements to be made with the casting of the privacy wall panels.

Our privacy fences include precast concrete walls, sound barrier walls, vinyl designer fencing, and wooden plank walls. Hardscape privacy fences can be easily installed, provide instant isolation, and require little maintenance, which is perfect for many private and commercial applications.


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