SoundTec™ Concrete Wall Forming Systems

Our proprietary SoundTec™ Forming system is capable of producing DOT approved sound walls with fully formed textures on both sides of the panel. Installed as one piece, SoundTec™ wall panels can accommodate most DOT applications.


SoundTec™ Forming Systems

SoundTec sound barrier walls

AFTEC designs and develops custom versatile SoundTec™ forming systems, which are highly customizable panel form capable of producing either large monolithically cast sound wall panels as single units up to 24 feet high, or panels that can be stacked to build sound walls up to any engineered height. molds for sound barrier panels

Additional features of the SoundTec™ Forming System is the ability to produce panels in varying lengths, heights, and thickness, with formed texture on one or both sides. All SoundTec™ wall panels have reflective sound attributes on one side or both. AFTEC can also provide a formed absorptive layer of materials integrally cast with the structural part of the panels and this application is also available in a vertical casting format, allowing a highly defined formed texture on both sides of the panel, the first of its kind in the industry.

All SoundTec™ Forming systems use interchangeable textured liners that are available in a variety of designs – custom liners are also available upon request. Due to its customizable nature, SoundTec™ Forms can be designed to meet the specifications of many state DOT’s requirements, ensuring the panels will be formed to the exact spec of the project.

SoundTec™ Column Forms integrate with the SoundTec™ Wall Panels and are also available in various sizes and lengths.

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