Concrete Block (CMU) Walls & Fencing

Featuring a rigid footing support system and advanced-form liner technology, our StoneTree® precast concrete block fences have immense durability and strength to withstand even the worst of elements while looking aesthetically pleasing.


Concrete block fence walls were first developed in 1900, manufactured in a machine invented by Harmon S. Palmer. Due to factors such as the development of the domestic Portland cement industry and innovations in production equipment, block walls became increasingly more popular in the 20th century.

Aside from its use in commercial and industrial buildings, block fencing has been used for all kinds of applications such as boundary walls, sound barriers, retaining walls, privacy fencing, and security walls.

hand laid block fence
Hand Laid Block Fence
precase concrete block fence
Precast Concrete Block Fence

Traditional block fencing is made up of individual blocks installed on a continuous foundation with steel rebar and grouted joints. It is time-consuming to build and without any added cosmetic additions, can be bland and unattractive. Additionally, with ground movement, block fence walls can crack and become less stable.

With AFTEC’s split block textured designs, precast walls can now resemble a block wall with all the benefits of precast concrete, increasing installation speed with less future maintenance concerns. Each precast panel spans the distance from one column footing to the next, eliminating the need for the continuous footings traditional concrete block fences require.

Since AFTEC walls are colored on-site, precast concrete block fence walls can complement the color palette of any development project, and with the vast design capabilities with precast walls, block panel designs can be combined with columns finished with a variety of complimentary stone textures, further enhancing the aesthetics of finished projects.

Block Wall Fence - AFTEC Advanced Forming Technology

Precast Concrete Block Walls

Precast concrete fences have all the great qualities of traditional concrete block fence walls, and a lot more:

  • Durability and robustness
  • Expansion at each panel eliminating settling cracks
  • Engineering for a wide variety of uses
  • Ability to withstand the elements
  • Designed for hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Excellent sound barrier qualities
  • Various height build capability
  • Universal availability
residential concrete wall with textured split face block

StoneTree® Precast Concrete Block Walls

In addition to the qualities listed above, StoneTree® precast concrete block fences feature:

Rigid Footing Support System: Under normal conditions, the pier footings do not require reinforcing cages. This is accomplished by placing a rigid engineered component such as an I-beam into the footing and extending up approximately half the height of the wall. This eliminates the need for any temporary shoring and grouting. It also maintains the alignment of the concrete wall.

Advanced Form Liner Technology: Allows for the truest-to-life textures and patterns available, including split face block, block slate, river rock, ashlar stone, dry stacked stone, sand finish stucco and custom architectural designs. These textures can then be enhanced with colored stains and the treatments.

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