Custom Precast Concrete Wall Forming Systems

AFTEC is a Worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing
precast concrete fence forming systems


mold for a precast concrete panel for fencing

In addition to the StoneTree® and SoundTec™ Forming Systems, AFTEC is firmly positioned to produce custom forms for any design-build project. Working with a highly specialized and qualified team of innovators, AFTEC always values engineering new forming system requests to supply the most efficient and functional systems available. Through dedication and focus, AFTEC is recognized as an accomplished equipment producer and is willing and ready to explore any opportunity that is deemed to be buildable and viable in the construction industry.

mold for a precast concrete panel for fencing Working with first-rate materials and components, AFTEC’s standard and custom forms are long lasting and straightforward to operate. Adding the component of highly defined textured liners that are produced in-house, AFTEC offers complete packages of all of its equipment to allow for its customers to supply the best quality products, both structurally and decoratively to its market area.

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