Precast Concrete Boundary Walls & Fencing

AFTEC’s precast concrete walls make ideal boundary walls due to their increased efficiency in installation and reduction in labor costs.


Precast Concrete Walls:
Advancements With Boundary Walls

The advancements over the last few decades have made precast walls ideal for boundary walls. Advanced Forming Technologies (AFTEC) has formed a new process to ensure quality texture on both sides of the precast walls. Precast walls are durable, stable and versatile; precast concrete boundary walls are made off-site then installed with efficient labor and more quickly than regular poured concrete boundary walls. For an efficient and cost-effective way to designate boundary lines, precast walls are the answer. The precast boundary wall panel and column unit is lifted and set into place and does not require any additional labor or adjustments. The wall can be constructed as quickly as the panel and column units can be lifted into place.

AFTEC’s Boundary Wall Advantages

AFTEC has precast concrete boundary walls in many styles and building materials; choose boundary walls in stone, slate, brick, and rock or with architectural designs. Because the precast concrete walls have texture on both sides, boundary walls made from precast concrete will be a beautiful addition to any residential or commercial property. Additionally, AFTEC’s unique rigid footing system allows for a safer, more cost-effective installation time. Our Boundary walls are the most decorative, yet effective barrier walls in the industry.


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