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What You Need to Know About Precast Concrete Wall Noise Barriers

AFTEC - What you need to know about precast concrete wall noise barriers

As a project manager or supervisor, you’re in search of a wall system that blocks, absorbs, and deflects noise pollution from highways, roadways, and more. Where do you go to find a product like this to achieve your noise pollution reduction goal? You can go with wet pour concrete, but that will cost you too much in money and time. Instead, you may want to consider the ultimate solution to highway noise pollution: AFTEC’s precast concrete wall product.

In this article, you will discover what you need to know to start the conversation with the expert team at AFTEC so that you can get your wall project engineered, designed, planned, and completed. It’s not enough to simply go with the status quo. You need a precast concrete wall technology that’s going to last for decades.

What Is a Precast Concrete Wall Sound Barrier

As you may already know, noise barriers help block, absorb, and deflect noise pollution from major highways, roadways, throughways, and more. Tractor-trailers, trucks, and other vehicles produce a lot of noise pollution that can negatively affect nearby residential, commercial, or public works areas. The ideal solution is to block that noise from every reaching these areas.

A precast concrete wall noise barrier is simply a wall that’s erected between the cause of the noise pollution and the receiver, usually a neighborhood, business complex, or park, to reduce or eliminate the amount of noise that pollutes the given area.

Here are two types of precast concrete wall sound barriers that are used:

  • A solid reflection wall — To break up sound waves, reflecting the sound back to the source area.
  • An absorptive wall — To absorb sound waves with porous and textured materials applied to the substrate of the wall.

Design Build for Reflective and Absorptive Walls

At AFTEC, we provide precast concrete wall design-build services to fit your needs. Whether you need a reflective or an absorptive wall, we can help. Our engineering team can design a wall to the exact specifications of your needs.

When you choose to use the SoundTec™ precast noise wall product, you get more than the traditional construction materials. A SoundTec™ wall includes additional materials that better absorb sound from or back to the source area. For example, an AFTEC precast concrete wall can be textured on one or both sides to create a more porous surface, which helps with noise absorption. Want to reflect the noise instead? You can utilize the StoneTree® precast concrete sound wall system.



What’s more, AFTEC stands apart from all of its competition in that it manufactures its own wall forming systems, which means they have 100 percent control over quality. AFTEC exceeds all DOT requirements with their precast concrete wall products. And they work to exceed your expectations as a project manager or supervisor.

Which Materials Are Used in Precast Concrete Walls?

AFTEC utilizes three main materials in their precast concrete walls as noise barriers. These three materials have been proven to be the best solution to sound reflection or absorption, depending on your choice between SoundTec™ or StoneTree®. Here are the materials:

Concrete — All AFTEC noise barriers are manufactured from high-strength concrete.
Steel Reinforcement — Each wall panel or section is reinforced with steel rebar based on engineered design specifications per each individual project.
Absorptive Proprietary Mix — AFTEC utilizes a proprietary mix that is applied to one side of the wall manufacturing process to ensure sound/noise pollution is absorbed or reflected.

Can Precast Concrete Walls Be Customized Aesthetically?

The simple answer is yes. The precast concrete walls from AFTEC do allow for texture additions to make the SoundTec™ or StoneTree® walls look more aesthetically pleasing. One of the major concerns those who purchase concrete walls is the look of the wall once it’s finished. AFTEC is confident in saying that we deliver texture customizations to make the wall look like brick, stone, masonry, stucco, or otherwise.

AFTEC: Your Worldwide Leader in Precast Concrete Wall Products and Manufacturing

When you choose AFTEC, you get decades of experience in the precast concrete wall industry. If you’re in need of a noise/sound barrier for your highway, roadway, or thruway project, it’s time you stopped your search and give AFTEC a call. We will work with you to determine the ultimate solution to your wall needs. Contact us today to start the quote process.

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