Residential Precast Concrete Walls & Fences

Large-scale residential developments, subdivisions, and HOA projects often include fencing or walls to provide security and privacy to its residents. AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Technology provides an innovative approach to precast concrete fencing built for longevity, value and superior aesthetics. Save time and money by adding better fencing and screen walls to your residential project.



AFTEC Providing The Best Solution For Residential Precast Wall And Materials.

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Choose AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Wall and Fencing Systems to install superior barriers for your residential project. Traditional fencing and wall materials like vinyl, wood, brick, block and wrought iron deteriorate over time and often require ongoing maintenance due to ground movement, environment, temperature, and insects.

The idea of a gated community is usually accompanied by a couple of perks, but the main one is security. If you’ve invested in a high-end home on the edge of a golf course, you want fortified security, like castle walls, to protect what you’ve purchased. As a developer, accommodating those hopes and dreams for safety and exclusivity is something that you can cater to with finesse when you use AFTEC’s superior cement fencing. With a huge variety of textures and ways to customize your precast cement fencing, you’d be hard pressed to not establish a beautiful, comprehensive aesthetic.

Our specific types of fencing include:

  • Privacy walls
  • Hurricane walls
  • Boundary and perimeter walls
  • Combination walls


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