Precast Wall Systems Specification Drawings

See precast concrete product specifications for our state-of-the-art SoundTec™ or StoneTree® Wall products today.


AFTEC is pleased to provide precast concrete product specifications for both the SoundTec™ and StoneTree® Wall products. In association with Cad Details, AFTEC’s Product Specifications are downloadable in all relevant formats to assist the specifier in embedding plan drawings and details into construction drawings.

catalogs for precast concrete fence wall

To further customize the use of AFTEC Wall Products, explore our Configure8 system, which converts the details of the wall dimensions, texture, and color into 3D images.  Designers can also use this feature for presentations to clients, as well as inserting images into a set of plans and specifications.

AFTEC is proud to provide a wide variety of customizable concrete fence systems that can be utilized in multiple different industries. We offer concrete fencing solutions for:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential

Our patented StoneTree® and SoundTec® technologies allow us to build concrete walls and fences that are incredibly adaptable to every one of your individual needs. Our industrial line can support transformer blast walls. Our commercial and residential lines can be customized to fit the aesthetic of your existing landscaping and buildings already on the property. All these features are delivered with superior durability and offered at a competitive cost. Explore your options now.

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