Textured Precast Concrete Form Liners

AFTEC‘s concrete form liners feature highly defined textures and designs capturing the look and feel of traditional materials with the durability of precast concrete.


Since AFTEC’s early days in business, we have been developing and honing our skills of creating highly defined master molds used for manufacturing concrete form liners. Each master mold requires the intricate of creating highly defined textures and designs to perfection, ensuring there is no negative relief which could hold or potentially tear the liner while releasing. AFTEC’s technicians have accomplished a high level of liner production over the years and continue to do so, enhancing the experience of efficiently working with the AFTEC forms.

Presently, AFTEC offers ten standard design textures in various forms of stone, including:

  • Ashlar
  • Stacked stone
  • Ledge stone
  • Coral stone
  • Weathered and new brick
  • Split-face block
  • Split-face block with coral stone
  • Stucco
  • Woodgrain plus architectural finishes

Custom designed form liners are also available, through the exchange of ideas and consultations with the client, to meet their requirements.

AFTEC does not limit their supply of form liners to StoneTree® and SoundTec™ Forming Systems. We will design, build, and supply form liners for any type of project. Each request is reviewed by AFTEC’s liner team, as they understand the finished product application and recommend the best way to approach each situation.

Contact AFTEC to discuss your next liner project and let our experts guide you in developing the best product, with the best design so that the project you are working on, gets recognized and exceeds expectations.

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