Industrial Precast Concrete Walls & Fences

Looking to save time and money on your industrial concrete wall project? From security and utility walls to retaining walls and highway sound barriers, AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Technology provides the value, quality, and aesthetics to take your project to new heights.



AFTEC Providing The Best Solution For Industrial Wall And Materials.

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Traditional fencing materials such as wood, chain link, vinyl, wrought iron, brick or concrete block are prone to deterioration, vandalism, and ongoing maintenance due to ground movement, weather, environment, temperature, and insects. AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Walls last longer and saves you money.

Precast concrete walls are the perfect solution for all large scale industrial scale fencing needs. AFTEC provides concrete walls and fencing options:

  • Sound/Noise Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Highway Sound Barriers
  • Utility Walls
  • Security Walls

Each precast concrete fence system offers the superior security of a concrete fencing option, but with the added benefit of customizable textures to improve the look and complete the existing aesthetic as well as being inexpensive and easy to install.

Infographic about precast concrete fences

If you’re looking for specified options for your industrial wall system, we can customize our fencing to fit your needs, much like our utility walls, which were manipulated to be able to withstand transformer blasts in some instances. Our patented concrete fencing systems promise a superior product that’s less likely to weather, inexpensive to install, while offering so many more benefits.

To learn more about the AFTEC advantage, reach out to us today about your unique project.

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