Precast Brick Wall Panels & Fencing

AFTEC precast concrete brick wall panels offer the aesthetics of traditional brick walls,
With the longevity and structural reinforcement of concrete walls.



Brick Walls Have Been Used For Centuries Dating Back To 7000 BC, Originally Made
From Sun Dried Mud Brick Or Adobe.

brick fence wall panels

Brick is made from porous clay material it is susceptible to absorbing water, which can cause damage from freezing temperatures, erosion, and weathering. In addition, brick has no provisions for structural reinforcement, so normally brick walls are required to have a separate structural supporting wall for support. To overcome this condition , AFTEC produces its brick wall products using brick formed precast concrete panels.

AFTEC precast brick wall panels offer the richness of brick in a variety of designs and finishes. A precast concrete brick fence wall has all the aesthetic features to provide the look of traditional brick, used or new brick with the structural components that reinforced concrete provides. With AFTEC precast brick panels, colors and custom finishes are easily accomplished.


With AFTEC’s full textured brick patterns, design can be enhanced with a soldier course on the panel section with full standard staggered brick textures on the columns.

AFTEC has a variety of brick fence designs from used or weathered brick to new brick with sharper defined edges.

Many different looks can be accomplished by applying colored concrete sealers in various colors, providing a customized finished brick fence wall.

examples of residential brick wall panels

The Precast Brick Wall Advantage

Precast brick concrete fences provide a highly functional alternative to brick walls, especially where they are exposed to climate conditions. Unlike brick walls made from clay, precast concrete brick fences with concrete sealer absorb very little water, maintaining their structural integrity with long-lasting durability.

AFTEC had made its StoneTree® Concrete Fence Brick Walls much more efficient than the traditional brick walls consisting of masonry block faced with brick, due to its patented Combo-Cast™ technology. Combo-Cast™ technology allows the concrete column and the wall panel to be cast and installed as one integral unit, reducing the amount of time and labor necessary to install the walls.

Brick Wall Panels- AFTEC Advanced Forming Technology

A StoneTree® Precast Concrete Wall is the distinctive choice for your next brick wall project. Proprietary features in our forming system produce beautiful authentic textures and patterns on both sides of the precast concrete brick wall panels.

Benefits Of AFTEC’s Precast Brick Panels:

  • Solid steel reinforced concrete brick panels with attached brick column
  • Installed with caisson footings at the columns only, eliminating the need for continuous foundations
  • Available in a variety of finishes and textures
  • Maximum durability
  • Very low maintenance
  • Less than half the time and labor is required for installation
  • Does not require skilled brick masons


precast concrete brick wall panels
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