Precast Stone Wall Panels & Fencing

Unlike traditional stone walls, AFTEC’s precast stone walls have the look and feel of stone walls alongside the strength and durability to withstand the elements.


What Makes Good Stone Wall Panels

stone wall panels

Precast stone wall panels are a cost-effective option for your residential or commercial fence. Stone walls were used extensively in Europe and are used in New England still. Stone wall panels are incredibly versatile, and unlike the dry-stone walls used throughout England, Ireland, and Wales, stone wall panels are durable and will withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions.

Stone wall panels also require less maintenance than dry-stone and mortared stone walls. Stone wall panels are resistant to insects, which makes them a better choice than wood fencing. Vinyl fencing needs to be replaced after a few years, and shrubs and trees need constant maintenance. Precast stone wall panels will last beyond these other fence building choices.

Along with low maintenance, precast stone wall panels take less labor and time to set into place. Stone wall panels are precast off-site and then lifted into place on site. Precast stone wall panels have a very natural stone look at a fraction of the cost of other stone walls. Whether you need a privacy wall, sound barrier, or retaining wall, precast stone wall panels are built to last!

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