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3 Surprising Security Advantages of Precast Concrete Walls Over Chain Link Fences

When it comes to security, you want a durable, reliable wall or fence that gets the job done — one that won’t let you down in times of need. What’s more, a wall or fence that can withstand the elements is always a plus.

Here at AFTEC, we offer the ultimate solution in precast concrete wall products and systems. Our mission is to help you get the wall or fence you need that will last for years to come. In fact, some concrete-based walls found in antiquity are said to have lasted nearly 2,000 years before crumbling. Imagine all the wars and battles surrounding walls. A precast concrete wall is a great option over a chain link fence when your concern is security for many reasons. In this article, we hope to share enough of those reasons to show you how great precast concrete walls can be for your project.

Precast Concrete Walls and Security

Imagine a residential suburb. There are two or three entrances by road. If there is no community wall or fence, the entire suburb is open to potential security threats. For most, a security fence is no more than six feet in height and can be easily climbed over. You could argue that adding barbed wire to the top of the fence is effective. This is an effective strategy; however, your community isn’t going to want to feel like they’re in a prison. What’s more, a chain link fence can be cut through relatively easily. This means that even with barbed wire at the top, you must use even more security measures to keep criminals out.

Most security fences are utilitarian, which means they aren’t built to look good. AFTEC’s precast concrete wall products are engineered and designed to withstand almost anything, as well as prevent criminals from getting over the wall. What’s more, AFTEC’s product allows for one or both sides of the wall to be textured to create an aesthetically beautiful visual. Residential areas that utilize precast concrete walls will enjoy the feeling of safety and the aesthetic of the wall.

Precast Concrete Walls and Privacy

A chain link fence is effective in marking boundaries to areas; however, the same fence does not offer a great amount of privacy. Residents in the suburbs tend to desire their privacy. Prying eyes can easily see through a chain link fence, which means the feeling of security diminishes, even if the potential threat is on the correct side of the fence.

When you choose to install a precast concrete wall, you remove the ability for someone to simply look through the fence. A concrete wall interrupts line-of-sight, and it can help prevent criminals from spotting a home that looks easily burglarized. Precast concrete walls are a great way to create more privacy for a neighborhood.

Precast Concrete Walls and Appearances

One concern many project managers have with concrete walls is their appearance. How are you supposed to make concrete look good? At AFTEC, we offer our precast concrete walls with texture options so that they aren’t simply concrete panel slabs. You can choose between mason, brick, stone, and other texture options to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing wall.

AFTEC: Your Worldwide Leader in Precast Concrete Walls and Systems

There is a time and a place for chain link fences. However, when it comes to enhancing security measures for residential, commercial, industrial, or public works applications, you want to go with what works best in regards to protecting the building, assets, and people. AFTEC is the ultimate solution in precast concrete walls. Contact us today to get a quote.

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