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How Precast Wall Forming Systems Benefit Concrete Construction

AFTEC- How Precast Wall Forming Systems Benefit Concrete Construction

Would you like to offer your customer a proposal to build a wall or fence around their residential, commercial, or industrial project? Are you searching for a sound wall, security barrier, or fence that is either visually stunning, secure, and durable? You can choose to go with traditional materials like wood, brick, vinyl, or wrought iron, but you will find that these materials do not last the test of time due to the weather elements causing substantial deterioration to these materials that the wall or fence is built from. Or you can choose to offer them a durable precast concrete wall, one that is visually stunning and secure for their project that would set them apart from everyone else.

What Are Precast Concrete Walls?

Precast concrete walls and fences are pre-formed and manufactured prior to installing. They decrease production time and increase cost savings for the project. The molds used to create each concrete wall panel can incorporate the concrete column as an integral part of the column or they can use separate steel or concrete support columns to incorporate the structural integrity of the wall.

The Benefits of Precast Concrete Walls

As a contractor or an end user for your own projects, you are in charge of the time, money, and quality of the project. You want a concrete wall that will be installed on time, for a great price, and last for decades. AFTEC provides the precast concrete wall systems you are looking for. Here are the major benefits precast concrete walls have:

High Durability and Stability

Concrete walls last a long time and are extremely durable. Compared to other traditional wall or fence materials, such as wood, vinyl, masonry, brick, and wrought iron, precast concrete walls will substantially outlast them all. Furthermore, weather, temperature, and insects will not destroy a concrete wall, it will stand tall for many decades.

Virtually No Maintenance

Precast concrete walls, whether for residential, industrial or commercial applications, requires extremely low maintenance. Once the concrete wall is installed, you have minimal maintenance responsibilities to keep its structural integrity and looking aesthetically beautiful. Comparatively, wood, vinyl, and wrought iron walls or fencing require substantial maintenance to ensure they do not succumb to deterioration over time.


AFTEC offers a variety of molds with standard textures or can design a specific custom texture to meet the project requirement if needed. The wall heights and color treatments can also be customized to the required aesthetical look desired.

Available Worldwide

AFTEC is proud to be a worldwide leader in vertical precast concrete wall forming systems. No matter where you are in the world, AFTEC can assist you to solve your residential, industrial or commercial wall and fence requirements, minimizing production time and installation costs, saving you money.

As precast concrete wall forming systems have been growing in popularity, AFTEC has stepped out in front of the industry to become a worldwide leader in concrete forming systems for precast barriers and walls. AFTEC’s Technology, used in their proprietary StoneTree® and SoundTec™ forming systems, serve the residential, industrial and commercial industries with very efficient casting capabilities for precasting architectural designs on durable precast walls, fences, and barriers resulting in increased installation efficiency and outstanding finished aesthetics of the product.

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