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6 Questions Every Precast Manufacturer Should Be Able To Answer

concrete walls - 6 questions every precast manufacturer should be able to answer

If you already are an AFTEC manufacturer, or you are interested in becoming one, this blog post is all about the six questions that every precast concrete wall and fence manufacturer ought to know the answers to. As a manufacturer, you’re working with project managers and contractors to help them get the concrete wall or fence product they need in a timely manner. In some cases, you are installing the wall or fence for them. In other cases, you’re simply providing the production equipment and oversight. Here are six questions that you ought to know the answers to, as well as the answers AFTEC suggest you use.

Answers To Six Precast Concrete Manufacturer Questions

As an AFTEC precast concrete wall forming system manufacturer, you need to know the answers to a lot of questions. Here are six of the most common questions you will get asked as a manufacturer:

Question #1 – How Are Precast Concrete Walls, Fences, and Barriers Made?

Precast concrete is formed in molds. The concrete walls, fences, or barriers can be reinforced with steel to increase durability and strength. Components are manufactured and cured in controlled environments so that project managers and contractors can get the best product possible. Barriers, walls, and fences are formed and poured to exact dimensions and up to 25-plus feet in height (or to match the dimensions needed).

Question #2 – How Does Precast Concrete Wall Installation Compare To Traditional Materials?

Precast concrete walls, fences, and barriers install faster and quicker than traditional materials. The concrete panels and columns are “pre-made” which means the concrete contractor needs less equipment to actually install the concrete walls, fences, or barriers and their components, as well as the time to complete installation is shorter. Traditional materials like wood, vinyl, bricks, blocks, or otherwise, take longer, cost more, and require more equipment to successfully install. When you choose precast concrete walls, fences, or barriers, you save time and money on the project.

Question #3 – What Kind Of Maintenance Do Concrete Walls, Fences, or Barriers Require?

Little-to-no maintenance is needed for concrete walls, fences, and barriers. Unlike traditional materials like wood, brick, stone, vinyl, and more, concrete is resistant to weather, temperature, and insects. What’s more, the initial investment for a concrete wall, fence, or barrier lasts for decades as opposed to years when compared to other materials. Overall, you will spend less time and money on maintenance for a concrete-based wall compared to any other material.

Question #4 – Will Precast Concrete Last In Harsh Climates Or Other Outdoor Conditions?

The short answer is yes. A precast concrete wall will stand up to many environmental conditions like the weather, temperature, and altitude. There are few materials that can withstand frigid cold and sweltering heat as well as a precast concrete wall.

Question #5 – Do Precast Concrete Walls Allow For Attractive Styles And Designs?

Yes! Precast concrete walls, fences, and barriers all offer a variety of textures and aesthetics that can add visual value to your industrial or commercial project. No longer do you need to stick with the standard concrete wall style. You can choose textures like brick, stone, block, or stucco.

Question #6 – How Can Precast Concrete Walls Be Used?

Precast concrete walls, fences, and barriers can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Sound/noise walls
  • Highway sound barriers
  • Utility walls
  • Security walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Perimeter/boundary walls
  • Privacy walls
  • Hurricane walls
  • Combination walls

Precast concrete walls offer a solution to a variety of industries and their wall, fence, or barrier needs.

Become An AFTEC Precast Concrete Forming System Manufacturer

Want to become a local manufacturer in your area? AFTEC offers training, equipment, and support for you to start and run your own successful business. Knowing the six questions above is enough to get you started in your area. You can also include AFTEC’s forming systems into your current business model to create outstanding opportunities for growth.

Choose AFTEC

As the worldwide leader in designing precast concrete forming systems, AFTEC is here to help you succeed, whether that’s through our StoneTree® Forming System or our SoundTec™ Forming System. When the founders of AFTEC entered the industry, precast concrete walls were produced horizontally. Now, after years of innovation, AFTEC offers vertically produced precast concrete walls, fences, and barriers. This simple change saves you money and time.

Contact AFTEC today to get a quote!

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