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Concrete Fence Forming Systems


The AFTEC Advantage

Why Choose the AFTEC Precast Wall Forming Systems?

AFTEC continually strives to be on the cutting edge of efficiency and innovation of design with concrete fencing forms, forming equipment and concrete fence wall systems. AFTEC has obtained patents, and has patents pending for several claims of intellectual property for special concrete precast wall technology used in our product such as:

  • Combo-CastTM Column and Panel Unit
  • Rigid Footing Support System
  • Multiple Column and Panel Unit Forming

Efficient Patented Concrete System

System Benefits of AFTEC's Precast Fence Forms and Forming Equipment

Our Precast Concrete Fence Forms and Precast Concrete Fence Forming Equipment are designed and manufactured for efficiency, versatility and safety based on our many years of knowledge and experience in, the precast concrete fence business. The precast concrete wall forms are available in a variety of heights, textures and architectural designs providing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers in the concrete fence market. Benefits include:

  • Efficiency
  • Profitable
  • Business Opportunities
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Competitive Advantage

AFTEC Concrete Walls - The Distinctive Choice

Our state of the art precast concrete fence wall forming system and equipment combine advance concrete form machines and decorative concrete fence walls to create the most efficient concrete fence wall forming system available in the precast concrete fencing industry. Our specialty is designing and manufacturing concrete fence wall machines and concrete fence wall forming systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We also furnish concrete multi-use form liners for all types of concrete fences and walls.

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AFTEC's SoundTec™ Forming System

AFTEC has designed and developed the SoundTec™ Forming System which is capable of producing DOT sound walls with a fully formed textures on both sides of the wall. Produced and installed as one-piece, the full-height or stackable panels can accommodate most DOT specifications.

Gale Stott

“AFTEC branded their initial integrated precast panel/column wall sections under the StoneTree® product name. StoneTree® Fence Wall Panels were first sold throughout the United States Mountain West, and quickly became the leader for quality and excellence in the decorative concrete fence market. Due to the popular demand for AFTEC’s unique forming system and its ease of installation, the StoneTree® product line is now available worldwide.”

Gale Stott / Owner / AFTEC LLC.

AFTEC Proprietary Forming Equipment provides for the efficient casting of multiple Combo-Cast™ fence units with identical texture and design on both sides of the casting, drastically reducing the labor and working area required

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