Precast Concrete Utility Walls & Fences

Precast concrete utility walls are the most steadfast solutions for better construction management due to its remarkable construction perks and durable features!


The Evolution of Substation Security Walls

In old times, substations were constructed away from the residential areas and protected with chain-link fences. By the time, due to the rapid increase in population, these substations found themselves surrounded by residential areas. it was due to an increase in the population, commercial and industrial development.

power plant before having a security wall
power plant after installation of a security wall

Well, substations are national assets and need to be protected. Therefore, when residential and industrial units came adjacent to substations they were protected by using colored plastic planks in chain link fences.

Unfortunately, it was a very fragile and vulnerable solution. So, substation located in populated areas started using masonry transitions. Meanwhile, copper became very expensive. So it became difficult to use a huge amount of copper to build fences. Moreover, the theft risk for copper was also increased tremendously.

Then concrete utility walls came into play as the most suitable option to prevent vandalism and theft. So, the substations where generally chain link fences were used got replaced with solid precast concrete fences to achieve maximum security and protection against line of the sight, break-ins, and thieves. Also, concrete walls are the best option to count in to build tall security walls due to their fast installation and ease of construction.

precast concrete security walls

Precast Utility Walls South Carolina

Precast utility walls are the most useful solution for better construction management. These walls are suitable for almost all kinds of construction needs. This is one of the most prominent features of concrete utility walls that make it the first choice for construction projects in the modern age.

With concrete walls, high-quality finishing can be achieved with the simplest modes of workability and in lesser time. It is used for setting dimensions as well as for the better construction of existing walls and stairwell walls.

Precast concrete utility walls are already available in the form of blocks. Therefore, they can be installed quickly. It not only saves time and labor nut money as well. Therefore concrete fences are considered very affordable. And they are much durable than other fencing material that enables them to bear the harshness of time and weather for longer than others.

Besides, concrete utility walls helps to reduce the infrastructural earthworks during construction that improves work ergonomics. For this reason. Precast concrete walls are the best option for office buildings, schools, hospitals, etc.

Precast Concrete Walls

AFTEC specializes in providing up to the mark precast concrete utility walls services all across South Carolina including, Charleston and Columbia. We manufacture customized utility walls according to the requirements of our valued customers.

When it comes to getting maximum protection against harsh weather fluctuation and intrusions, then there is nothing better than precast concrete utility walls.

Another fascinating factor about these walls is that they can be mixed with a variety of ornamental articulations and accents. We provide high-quality finishes according to the precise requirements of the project.

Besides, concrete walls come up with weather-tight enclosure that makes them withstand heavy winds, storms, and hurricanes. Concrete walls are impact-resistant and blast-resistant, therefore, these are considered the best option for durable construction management.

On the whole, precast concrete utility walls and blocks are durable, impact-resistant, blast-resistant, easy to install, cost and time-efficient, provide maximum security and require little upkeep, these features signify their importance to meet long term construction goals.

We manufacture concrete utility walls in a controlled environment to provide you with optimal outcomes that can pass the test of time with dignity.

AFTEC’s Security Walls offer the ultimate in:

  • Blocking line-of-site of high-voltage substation transformers and equipment.
  • Perimeter Protection from intruders from accidental electrocution, injury and death.
  • Durable protection of power equipment from vandalism and theft.
  • Flexibility of adapting to future maintenance requirements.
  • Adaption of security elements such as razor wire, lighting and electronic surveillance.

AFTEC substation security walls incorporate the industry’s best standards to protect the country’s substation portion of the power grid.

AFTEC security walls
AFTEC security walls
companies that use AFTEC security walls

Power Utility Plants Utilizing AFTEC Walls for Perimeter Security Include:

  • PG&E
  • North Western Energy
  • APS
  • KCP&L
  • NVEnergy
  • Oncor
  • Southern California Edison
  • Brazos Electric Cooperative

Maximum Security for Power & Transmission Stations

example of a transmission station security wall

Concrete Screen Wall

Concrete screen walls are the best in market right now. With these screen walls, construction processes in South Carolina can easily be completed with an addition of premade designs for artistic appeal. In addition, these screen walls offer a high efficiency and duration rate, accompanied by easy construction.

Unlike other methods, the concrete screen walls are fire resistant as well as lightweight while offering a high grade of strength. Their composition is eco-friendly and safe for installation being non-toxic.

Another compelling element about concrete screen walls is that they can easily be customized according to the requirements in terms of screen height and width.

AFTEC Transformer Blast Walls

AFTEC also supplies transformer blast walls manufactured with refractory brick aggregate to withstand the heat generated from transformer explosions. Transformer blast walls are engineered to provide maximum protection between transformer units and prevent fire.

Service Areas: Charleston, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Clemson, Hilton Head Island, Spartanburg, Florence, Rock Hill, Anderson, Summerville, and in all other cities of South Carolina.

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