Precast Concrete Utility Walls & Fences

In these modern times, concrete utility fence walls are aiding in building projects due to their added perks. Their withstanding nature and easily-customizable options make them a great resource at a construction site.


The Evolution of Substation Security Walls

Gone are the times when industrial units and substations would be built on the outskirts. With the ever-expanding residential sectors, the substations are no longer stranded alone, whole residential neighborhoods and commercial properties have spread around them. In order to guard these national assets against unwanted intrusion, an urgent need to chalk out a working security plan sprung up!

power plant before having a security wall
power plant after installation of a security wall

In the beginning, chain-link fences with colored plastic planks were fixed around these substations. It was made to depict the presence of a concealed barrier. Later on, it was found out that more was needed as the intruders were easily crossing the chains and breaking in.

Next came the era of masonry utility walls, but these, too, stayed for a shorter time as the copper had been quite expensive. The intruders and burglars took advantage of the situation and began stealing the copper used to build and fix large utility walls.
Finally, a practical and cost-effective solution for this problem was devised -Precast utility walls. They proved to be a better aid in shielding and guarding the substations.

Due to the factors like easy and quick installation, time savvy jobs, fewer labor requirements, and affordability attribute, concrete fences are thought to be the most enduring and reliable choice.

In addition to this, industrial units and substations with the need for relatively taller walls and fences, concrete walls are one of the best alternatives. They can be built to greater lengths and heights, and faster to install than CMU walls. Apart from this, concrete utility walls provide excellent safeguard and security against the intruders -thieves, ribbers, burglars, and other people with ill-intentions.

precast concrete security walls

Precast Utility Walls North Carolina

What makes precast utility walls the perfect choice for schools, hospitals, and office buildings is the fact that they are excellent for construction management tasks. It reduces the workload as they are easy to install, needs lesser labor, and are quite affordable.

The concrete utility blocks are designed and engineered beforehand, hence saving time and capital, and decreasing the overall time taken by the construction project.


The installation of utility walls is quite easy than the other counterparts. Multiple finishes are coated and polished over these walls to give out an aesthetic appeal. Concrete utility walls have other added functions too, as they are advantageous to set proximity and boundaries, as well.

Bottom line is, some of the most notable characteristics of precast concrete utility walls are better construction management, reliability, enduring nature, economical materials, and swift installation. All of these features make these types of walls a model for building and production projects.

Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete utility walls withstand heavy winds and other harsh weather conditions as they have weather-tight and resistant enclosures. Added to this, these concrete utility walls are also the most trusted and reliable option when the security of a place should not be compromised even the slightest.

In addition to this, these concrete utility fences and walls can be coated and polished with a number of added textures and polishes to enhance the aesthetic appeal. At, AFTEC, we excel at engineering and manufacturing customized utility walls, it means we strive to bring the imaginations of the client to life. Our concrete utility walls and fence services are available across North Carolina including Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Wilmington, and all around.

AFTEC’s Security Walls offer the ultimate in:

  • Blocking line-of-site of high-voltage substation transformers and equipment.
  • Perimeter Protection from intruders from accidental electrocution, injury and death.
  • Durable protection of power equipment from vandalism and theft.
  • Flexibility of adapting to future maintenance requirements.
  • Adaption of security elements such as razor wire, lighting and electronic surveillance.

AFTEC substation security walls incorporate the industry’s best standards to protect the country’s substation portion of the power grid.

AFTEC security walls
AFTEC security walls
companies that use AFTEC security walls

Power Utility Plants Utilizing AFTEC Walls for Perimeter Security Include:

  • PG&E
  • North Western Energy
  • APS
  • KCP&L
  • NVEnergy
  • Oncor
  • Southern California Edison
  • Brazos Electric Cooperative

Maximum Security for Power & Transmission Stations

example of a transmission station security wall

Concrete Screen Wall

Concrete screen walls are the best in market right now. With these screen walls, construction processes in North Carolina can easily be completed with an addition of premade designs for artistic appeal. In addition, these screen walls offer a high efficiency and duration rate, accompanied by easy construction.

Unlike other methods, the concrete screen walls are fire resistant as well as lightweight while offering a high grade of strength. Their composition is eco-friendly and safe for installation being non-toxic.

Another compelling element about concrete screen walls is that they can easily be customized according to the requirements in terms of screen height and width.

AFTEC Transformer Blast Walls

AFTEC also supplies transformer blast walls manufactured with refractory brick aggregate to withstand the heat generated from transformer explosions. Transformer blast walls are engineered to provide maximum protection between transformer units and prevent fire.

Service Areas: Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Greensboro, Asheville, Durham, Fayetteville, Chapel Hill, Cary, Winston-Salem, High Point, and in all other cities of North Carolina.

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