Precast Concrete Utility Walls & Fences

Concrete fencing and utility walls come up with great construction perks that make them a reliable option for better construction management.


The Evolution of Substation Security Walls

In the old days, substations were constructed far away from populations to keep the internal infrastructure secured. With time, these substations got surrounded by residential, industrial and commercial units. To protect these nation’s assets, there was a dire need to devise steadfast security mechanisms.

At the start these premises started using chain link fences, colored plastic planks were inserted among the chains to make it look like an opaque barrier. But it wasn’t sufficient to save the premises from thieves.

power plant before having a security wall
power plant after installation of a security wall

After that, they started using masonry that served very well for this purpose for a while. Then copper became very expensive and it was tough to build large utility walls using copper especially when thieves were ready to steal them any time.

After this struggling time, finally, a reliable solution to this problem was decided. Precast concrete utility walls were used to protect substations and better construction management.

Since then, concrete fences are considered the most durable and suitable. Because, concrete utility walls are easy to install, take less time, require less labor, therefore, these are very affordable. Moreover, substations where taller walls are required, concrete walls are the best solution to them because they get installed faster than CMU walls and can be built to greater heights. Besides, these walls provide splendid protection against intrusions and lines of sight thieves.

precast concrete security walls

Precast Utility Walls Georgia

Precast utility walls provide brilliant constructi9on management as it reduces the earthwork required for construction. It improves work ergonomics that make it a perfect choice for schools, office buildings, and hospitals, etc.

Concrete utility walls are easy to install and very quick as well. The concrete utility blocks are prepared already and then installed that not only save time but labor and cost as well.

Utility walls can be easily installer with versatile finishes that enhance its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it works superbly against already construed walls and stairwell walls. Concrete utility walls are beneficial to set dimensions as well.

Fast installation ability, cost-efficiency, aesthetic appeal, durability, and better construction management are some of the most prominent features of precast concrete utility walls that make it an ideal option for construction projects.

Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete utility walls have a weather-tight enclosure that enables them to provide maximum protection against heavy wind pressure. Moreover, concrete utility fences are the best option to provide maximum security to the premises.

Besides, one of the most fascinating features of concrete utility fences is that they can be mixed with a variety of decorative accents, textures, and finishes. Wee manufacture utility walls according to the customer’s requirements. Our services are available in Georgia.

AFTEC is a trustworthy company that provides up to the mark utility wall engineering and installation services at cost-effective rates in Augusta, Macon, Savannah, and Atlanta.

AFTEC’s Security Walls offer the ultimate in:

  • Blocking line-of-site of high-voltage substation transformers and equipment.
  • Perimeter Protection from intruders from accidental electrocution, injury and death.
  • Durable protection of power equipment from vandalism and theft.
  • Flexibility of adapting to future maintenance requirements.
  • Adaption of security elements such as razor wire, lighting and electronic surveillance.

AFTEC substation security walls incorporate the industry’s best standards to protect the country’s substation portion of the power grid.

AFTEC security walls
AFTEC security walls
companies that use AFTEC security walls

Power Utility Plants Utilizing AFTEC Walls for Perimeter Security Include:

  • PG&E
  • North Western Energy
  • APS
  • KCP&L
  • NVEnergy
  • Oncor
  • Southern California Edison
  • Brazos Electric Cooperative

Maximum Security for Power & Transmission Stations

example of a transmission station security wall

Concrete Screen Wall

Concrete screen walls are the best in market right now. With these screen walls, construction processes in Georgia can easily be completed with an addition of premade designs for artistic appeal. In addition, these screen walls offer a high efficiency and duration rate, accompanied by easy construction.

Unlike other methods, the concrete screen walls are fire resistant as well as lightweight while offering a high grade of strength. Their composition is eco-friendly and safe for installation being non-toxic.

Another compelling element about concrete screen walls is that they can easily be customized according to the requirements in terms of screen height and width.

AFTEC Transformer Blast Walls

AFTEC also supplies transformer blast walls manufactured with refractory brick aggregate to withstand the heat generated from transformer explosions. Transformer blast walls are engineered to provide maximum protection between transformer units and prevent fire.

Service Areas: Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Macon, Alpharetta, Norcross, Valdosta, Marrieta, Tybee Island, Kennesaw, and in all other cities of Georgia.

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