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Fence Installation With AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Forming Systems

Written by GJ Stott

Fence Installation Comparison – Conventional Method vs. AFTEC’s Method

The illustration below is a graphic representation comparing the installation of a traditional precast wall on the top and AFTEC’s new proprietary system with the Combo-Cast™ column and panel unit on the bottom. The AFTEC system has less than one-half the precast panel and column pieces making the install time substantially faster. At every step of the operation including set-up, precast concrete fence manufacturing, handling, transportation and installation, AFTEC’s system requires less than half the amount of labor and lifting equipment as a comparable concrete wall. Time is money and time saved means competitive advantage and more profit for our licensed manufacturers.

AFTEC’s Proprietary Forming Tehcnology

The AFTEC wall system also includes the proprietary rigid footing support system, consisting of a rigid structural support embedded in the footing and protruding up half of the height of the wall eliminating the need for steel reinforcing cages in the footings which are required with engineered designs of rebar connecting the columns to the footings. The rigid support system is the safest and most stable method of installing precast concrete fencing, eliminating the risk of panels tipping over while you are waiting for the grout to set up. During installation, the Combo-Cast™ column and panel unit safely encompasses the rigid structural support requiring no additional grouting, bracing or shoring. The result is obvious, more savings, more competitive advantages, and above all more success with your business operations, just one more reason to select AFTEC’s proprietary forming technology for your concrete fence installation company. Contact us for licensing opportunities.

Fence Installation w/ AFTEC's proprietary system

Fence Installation Costs

The Comparison We Use: If someone gave you, free of cost, a concrete wall forming system capable of casting a wall using the traditional method, you would still end up substantially further ahead by purchasing the AFTEC proprietary system with the huge labor savings resulting from the manufacturing and installation efficiencies. If you have any doubt do the math, it is astonishing and it is real.

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