Why A Brick Texture On Your Concrete Wall Could Make All The Difference

In regard to concrete fence and wall systems, we can all agree on one major truth: They’re versatile and utilitarian. In fact, the amount of well thought out technology that can be added to a precast concrete wall panel is amazing. They can be so much more than security in that they can act as supporting retaining walls, sound and noise barriers, and as a way to enhance privacy, but they can also truly increase the aesthetic pleasure of an area as well. 

Surely, you can easily recall the look of low, well-worn walls lining paths in picturesque portraits of remote European towns. You can imagine the look of brick walls and foggy mornings for iconic band photoshoots. There’s a reason that those uniform lines of masonry have such appealing imagery. The look of brick implies years of age while hinting at the careful work of a truly skilled builder. If you’re pondering installation of real brick wall, that same skilled masonry that makes those wall units look so appealing is going to be the thing that makes your price per unit skyrocket. 

Concrete Fence and Wall Systems Could Be The Solution

Gone are the days of seeing concrete fencing systems as a nod at brutalist architecture. Nowadays, they can be embossed with a variety of textures including brick texturizing. In one concrete wall system, you can get superior soundproofing and exceptional privacy while not sacrificing the look of your development or the exterior grounds of your property. 

AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Fence Systems

Fascinated by the possibilities and freedom offered by concrete fencing? We are too! Our concrete wall solutions are crafted with our trademarked processes for superior texturizing, sound-proofing and ease of installation. The best part is that they’re far more cost-effective than hand laying individual bricks for the sake of providing a certain look. Find out more about our precast concrete fence systems now. 


Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Concrete Wall With Stone Texture

When it comes to concrete fence and wall systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and public works projects, you want to find the best solution that combines protection, durability, and beauty all-in-one. While some wall and fence materials such as wood or stone may look attractive, they fall short when it comes to the superior security and longevity that AFTEC precast concrete fence systems provide.

One of the aspects that sets AFTEC apart is that we can customize our precast walls and fences with beautiful textures that resemble natural stone, but which also offer a range of benefits that natural stone does not. Let’s compare concrete walls and fences with stone texture versus natural stone fences.

Benefits of Stone Texture vs. Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone is beautiful and adds a lot of character to a property when used in walls and fences. Natural stone may be a better option for smaller DIY residential projects for these three benefits:

  • Made from natural materials
  • Attractive
  • Traditional style
  • Can create stone retaining walls without mortar

Natural stone, when being considered for larger projects, falls short of concrete walls and fences because stone masonry is:

  • More expensive
  • More labor intensive
  • Harder to maintain
  • Not as effective for large walls and fences
  • Deteriorated faster

Concrete Fence with Stone Texture

Concrete, on the other hand, offers numerous benefits for larger residential, commercial, and industrial projects. These advantages include:

  • Affordability
  • Less labor intensive
  • Attractive versatility
  • Durability and longevity
  • Little-to-no maintenance
  • Withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions

While it does not have the natural stone appeal on its own, AFTEC can customize any concrete wall or fence with a texture resembling natural stone, delivering the aesthetic of stone combined with the strength and durability of concrete. Better yet, the texture is applied to both sides of the wall system, offering beauty and elegance in all directions.    

Experience the AFTEC Advantage

If you are ready to invest in a concrete fence system outfitted with stone texture, reach out to AFTEC, the world’s leading precast concrete fence and wall manufacturer. We would be happy to help you find the perfect texture for your project.