Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Concrete Wall With Stone Texture

When it comes to concrete fence and wall systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and public works projects, you want to find the best solution that combines protection, durability, and beauty all-in-one. While some wall and fence materials such as wood or stone may look attractive, they fall short when it comes to the superior security and longevity that AFTEC precast concrete fence systems provide.

One of the aspects that sets AFTEC apart is that we can customize our precast walls and fences with beautiful textures that resemble natural stone, but which also offer a range of benefits that natural stone does not. Let’s compare concrete walls and fences with stone texture versus natural stone fences.

Benefits of Stone Texture vs. Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone is beautiful and adds a lot of character to a property when used in walls and fences. Natural stone may be a better option for smaller DIY residential projects for these three benefits:

  • Made from natural materials
  • Attractive
  • Traditional style
  • Can create stone retaining walls without mortar

Natural stone, when being considered for larger projects, falls short of concrete walls and fences because stone masonry is:

  • More expensive
  • More labor intensive
  • Harder to maintain
  • Not as effective for large walls and fences
  • Deteriorated faster

Concrete Fence with Stone Texture

Concrete, on the other hand, offers numerous benefits for larger residential, commercial, and industrial projects. These advantages include:

  • Affordability
  • Less labor intensive
  • Attractive versatility
  • Durability and longevity
  • Little-to-no maintenance
  • Withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions

While it does not have the natural stone appeal on its own, AFTEC can customize any concrete wall or fence with a texture resembling natural stone, delivering the aesthetic of stone combined with the strength and durability of concrete. Better yet, the texture is applied to both sides of the wall system, offering beauty and elegance in all directions.    

Experience the AFTEC Advantage

If you are ready to invest in a concrete fence system outfitted with stone texture, reach out to AFTEC, the world’s leading precast concrete fence and wall manufacturer. We would be happy to help you find the perfect texture for your project.

Resort Project Managers: Here’s Why You Should Use Precast Concrete Fence Systems

Managing a hotel resort development project is quite an undertaking. One that takes a lot of planning to ensure all the safety, architectural, and landscape features come together flawlessly so that future guests feel comfortable and secure during their stay. When it comes to deciding on which type of fence or wall system to use for your resort project, there are a lot of options. Some fence and wall materials provide security and exclusivity, but significantly lack when it comes to the aesthetics. That’s where we come in.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Fence and Wall Systems for Resorts

Whether your resort project is a renovation or a new construction project, finding a secure, long-lasting, and cost-effective fence or wall system for the resort is essential during the design and development plan. While you have many materials and fencing systems to choose from, choosing a precast concrete fence for your project is a decision you can feel confident in, and here’s why.

#1. Excellent Security and Protection

When it comes to resorts, safety is a top concern. Not only can developers and project managers make a resort look and feel secure, but you can actually make a resort property safe and secure with high-quality, long-lasting enclosures. Concrete walls and fences offer superior security when compared to other materials due in part to their strength and height. In fact, AFTEC concrete walls can be customized in heights of three-feet reaching up to 16-feet, providing instant security for resort guests and employees.

What’s more, concrete wall systems can be easily outfitted with a range of security systems, such as cameras, alarms, gates, and so much more, helping to keep potential trespassers and vandals out while keeping those inside the resort walls safer. Learn more about AFTEC concrete security walls that offer optimal security and a long-lasting perimeter around the resort property.    

#2. Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance

Concrete fence systems are designed to last. They are also easy to maintain and require low maintenance. Concrete walls can stand up to the threat of deterioration better than traditional wall materials. Additionally, a concrete fence resists weathering actions, high winds, inclement weather, rot, rusting, UV rays, pests and rodents, abrasion, and even chemicals. Plus, concrete actually hardens over time, making it more dense and stronger with time.     

#3. Aesthetic Versatility

Concrete fences offer something that, say, chain link fences don’t: aesthetics. Textured concrete walls offer attractive and stunning textures that can enhance the beauty and elegance of your resort project. You can customize your concrete fence with a textured design of your choosing. From concrete block to brick, stone, or stucco, each texture features exceptional realism and resembles various types of masonry materials, but with all the benefits that only precast concrete fence solutions offer. The best part? Textures are featured on both sides of the concrete fence for stunning beauty from all directions.

In addition to an extensive selection of texture options, AFTEC walls are colored on-site to complement the color, style, and landscape features of your resort development project. Precast concrete walls can also feature beautiful columns that are finished with a custom complimentary stone texture to further elevate the aesthetic of your concrete fence.

#4. Clear Property Boundary

Concrete walls for resorts offers a clear boundary marker. This is especially beneficial for hotel resorts located in major tourist destinations that feature hundreds of resorts that are built in close proximity to one another. A concrete fence is a clear indicator that can alert hotel guests — and guests staying at other resorts — of where the resort property ends and begins.  

#5. Many Options to Choose From

Choosing commercial precast concrete walls and fences for your resort project is a smart move simply for the variety of options you will have. Depending on the type of resort, style, its location, and more, you can choose from sound barrier fences, security walls, boundary and perimeter walls, and combination walls to meet your needs.

#6. Noise Barriers

If your resort development is near a busy highway or roadway, an industrial area, or a railway, you will want to choose a sound barrier fence for optimal protection against noise pollution. Unlike wood, vinyl, and brick walls, a precast concrete noise barrier wall can protect future guests and employees from noises that can interrupt their stay, reduce their comfort, and induce stress. AFTEC noise barrier walls absorb and reflect noise pollution and create a more comfortable environment ideal for any resort. Want to learn more about AFTEC SoundTec™ noise barrier technology? Read our recent article, What You Need to Know About Precast Concrete Wall Noise Barriers, to enhance your knowledge.

#7. Efficient Installation

AFTEC’s concrete fence systems offer speedy, yet safe installations. Unlike other wall materials, the column and panel are integrated into one unit and cast vertically. Once the thick steel I-beam footings are constructed, the concrete panels are installed into column voids by stacking them on each other. Thanks to AFTEC’s proprietary rigid footing support system, there is no need for shoring, bracing, or grouting the system to prevent falling. As a result, installation takes half the time of traditional fence systems, allowing for safe and efficient installations, reduced labor costs, and instant security and safety.

#8. Long-Term Value

Choosing a concrete fence or wall system for your resort project is a cost-effective investment for your project. Not only will you save on installation and labor costs, but you will also be providing the resort owner with a long-term value that far exceeds any other wall or fence material.

Chain link fences break and rust, wood fences need constant maintenance, and brick wall materials are susceptible to deterioration and damage that concrete walls are not. By making a smart choice for your wall or fence system during the design and development phase, you will provide your client with years of value and add to the property value should they choose to sell. It’s a win-win for everyone!

#9. Affordable Solution

To put it simply, concrete fence and wall systems are incredibly affordable. When you combine all the benefits we have mentioned, you, project manager, are keeping costs down for installation, labor, and even worker’s comp claims, thanks to the safe installation process. Additionally, AFTEC’s integrated forming systems means you can reduce the costs of materials and equipment to install a wall or fence. Even better, you can enjoy customizable texture options and color options without spending thousands or even tens of thousands more to include aesthetic features on your wall or fence.

#10. Available Nationwide

Whether you are building a luxury beach resort in Florida or a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, AFTEC precast concrete fence and walls systems are available nationwide and engineered for any and all hotel resort applications. Our design-build team is ready to assist you with your project no matter where you are.

Choose The AFTEC Advantage For Your Next Project

If you’re a project manager in search of the perfect fence or wall material that offers security, longevity, is cost-effective, and features double-sided textures for the superior aesthetics, choose the global leader in precast concrete fence and wall systems. AFTEC provides prefab concrete walls to customers in the United States to meet their construction needs. Contact our team to get started and experience the AFTEC Advantage for your next project.