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What is a Noise Barrier?

Noise barriers — also known as sound walls, sound berms, sound barriers or acoustical barriers — are outdoor walls that provide the most effective method for blocking noise from busy roads, highways, railways and industrial sources. They’re designed to reduce the transmission of sound, protecting people against noise pollution that can cause stress, and other adverse effects.

Noise barriers interrupt sound from traveling from a source like vehicles to a receiver, such as a home. The sheer mass of the barrier stops the sound energy and redirects it. About three-quarters of noise barriers are made of precast concrete or masonry block.

20 by 10 SoundTec Wall

How Does a Noise Barrier Work?

Noise barrier walls physically reduce noise by absorbing or reflecting it, or by forcing it to take a roundabout path that causes it to dissipate. Sound is a type of energy whose waves grow stronger as they travel away from their point of origin. Vehicles on a road generate sound waves — mostly from the sticking and peeling off of rubber tires on pavement — that travel in all directions. When the waves arrive at a barrier or obstacle, they either are absorbed or bounce off.

As clearly defined by the Federal Highway Administration, a noise barrier can achieve a 5 dB noise level reduction, when it is tall enough to break the line-of-sight from the highway to the home or receiver. After it breaks the line-of-sight, it can achieve approximately 1.5dB of additional noise level reduction for each meter of barrier height.

Reflective noise barriers — which cause sound waves to bounce off in a different direction — are one of the most effective methods for blocking noise. Reflective walls are made of solid concrete that creates a barrier and pushes sound away from homes or other areas being shielded.

AFTEC Concrete Sound Barrier Fence

AFTEC’s noise barrier walls are the ideal solution for reducing sound around many different types of facilities, such as logistics companies and distribution centers where truck traffic is ongoing 24/7 and causes significant noise pollution to the surrounding areas.

SoundTec™ 20ft. High Wall with Stacked Stone Texture.

SoundTec™ Highway Sound Wall with Ashlar Texture.

SoundTec™ 31ft. high Combination Brick and Ashlar Texture

SoundTec™ 16ft. High Wall with Ashlar Stone Texture

SoundTec™ 10ft. High Wall with Stacked Stone Texture

Industrial and Commercial facilities alike, have trucks coming in and out on a regular basis which causes significant noise pollution to the surrounding neighborhoods. Sound barrier walls are a great solution for buffering the noise coming from these facilities. The same is true for Substation plants and other Logistics facilities.

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