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Why Choose an AFTEC Sound Barrier Fence?


Sound wall barriers, also known as sound walls, noise barriers, acoustical barriers and sound berms, are designed to protect the public against noise pollution. For commercial, industrial and residential sound barrier fences, precast concrete sound barrier fence panels decrease noise pollution effects effectively and attractively.

sound barrier fence - StoneTree fence

Our sound barrier fence is three-fold in purpose. First, our sound barrier fence blocks sound waves and reduces noise from a desired area. Second, it is durable to weather and other conditions because it is made from reinforced concrete. Third, our sound barrier walls are aesthetically pleasing.

Sound Barrier Fence Designs

A precast sound barrier wall is a more pleasing sight than a plain poured concrete sound wall that is so often seen. Precast sound barrier fence are cast off site using a special pre-casting concrete wall system that cast wall panels with texture on both sides of the wall panels. Both sides of the wall can be textured as slate, stucco, stone or a custom design. For residential uses, sound barrier fence panels that are finished on both sides make an attractive addition to your landscape, instead of a functional eyesore.

Written by GJ Stott