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Concrete Security Wall

Concrete security walls stand firms around your premises. Precast concrete fence comes up with extra features such as security lightings, security cameras, barbed wires, and razor ribbons. These features enhance the competence and functionality of security fences. These fences are specially designed to safeguard your property against intrusions.

Concrete fences are highly promoted when it comes to secure valuable national assets including electrical substations due to their durability and other features. Besides this, the other types of security fences are poured-in-place, wrought iron and chain link.

AFTEC is a renowned provider of durable precast concrete security walls. We manufacture customized security walls after a detailed analysis of the area and your requirements of course. Soil types, area topography, seismic conditions, and anticipated obstructions are the factors considered in the first place to manufacture a security barrier. Our services are available all across South Carolina.

Precast Security Fence Applications

Concrete walls are used for many purposes and the most significant of them all is to safeguard premises against intruders and theft. Precast concrete security walls can be installed quickly and are very cost-effective. Moreover, many substations need high walls up to 8 ft to protect the internal structure. Concrete walls are the best in this aspect because these can be built from already prepared concrete blocks. It requires less labor that saves time as well as money.

precast concrete security fences

Chain link and wrought iron fences were used in old time. But with the increasing rates of copper wrought iron fence became out of option because copper became a theft suspect. As far as chain link fences are concerned, thieves used to break the chains to go into the premises. Meanwhile, concrete has proved its worth as the best option because it’s cost-effective, time-efficient and easy to install and provide maximum durability.

Concrete security walls can be installed around:

  • Utility Plants: AFTEC has always played an important role in safeguarding the nation’s assets including the Metcalf Transmission Substation attack in California in 2013.
  • Private Communities: Concrete security walls protect communities and families against intrusions and provide maximum protection.
  • Municipal Assets: Concrete security walls are installed around airports, waste districts, parks, industrial waste, and other municipal areas to provide maximum protection.
  • Commercial Facilities: Security walls protect retail facilities, logistics centers, manufacturing facilities, and distribution warehouses.

Precast Security Fence Walls

What is better than using concrete to construct precast security fence walls?

AFTEC promotes the application of concrete security fence walls over any other fence material or wall type. The concrete proves to be the best option because of its comparative cost-efficiency as well as functional superiority when compared to masonry blocks. Moreover, the precast security fence walls again take the lead when the question of installation comes up. Precast Security fence walls are easier and quicker to install.

The concrete security fence walls also beat chain link and wrought iron because of its stronger resistance for enterers. Furthermore, the copper wires which are also popular security fence wall material, can itself become a material to be thieved because of the high cost of copper wires. Many thieves have encountered death while trying to cut through the chain link in order to obtain copper.

Industrial Security Walls

The industries are one of those sensitive places where the security should be on high alert. AFTEC offers its highly reliable security wall services specifically designed to enhance security for industries in Charleston, Columbia and other SC areas by putting forward Block Security Wall, CMU Security wall, perimeter security, and precast security walls construction and installation. Owing to these outclass services we have been able to win the confidence and trust of our clients as the most dependable entrance security providers when compared to others.

AFTEC precast concrete security wall system

The SoundTec™ Wall System is built as a traditional precast wall using separate columns and panels that are stacked on top of each other. This wall can be built with either concrete or steel support columns and can , to any desired height. The panels can have formed texture on one or both sides and can be produced with an absorptive noise coating on one side.

Features of AFTEC’s Security Fences:

  • Solid, strong, manufactured with high strength steel reinforced concrete
  • Protects the line of sight of substation equipment and other sensitive infrastructure
  • Can be manufactured with embedded attachments for security apparatus, such as barbed wire, cameras, lighting etc.
  • Conduit can be cast into the wall for electrical supply
  • Built-in noise protection for surrounding areas
  • Ballistic resistant
  • Wind, weather, and fire resistant
  • Can be built to max heights exceeding 32 feet if required
  • Quick installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Decorative for areas where an aesthetically pleasing look is required

To obtain more information or discuss a specific security fence project, please contact AFTEC directly to be put in contact with one of our qualified specialists who will assist in every aspect of preparing for and executing your project.

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