Concrete Security Walls & Security Fences

AFTEC is committed to installing such concrete security walls and security fences that ensure the safety and security of your valued property and assets. Our commitment to our job stands us apart from our competition.


Concrete Security Wall

A concrete security wall stands resolutely around your precious assets, such as property, to protect and secure it against intruders, criminals or any kind of invader that can, knowingly or unknowingly, harm your valuable assets. The security fence and wall are individually sketched and constructed to serve as a defensive barrier for the proposed space, i.e. your property. Consequently, they are supported and bolstered with other durable elements and substances to assist them to efficiently fulfill their purpose -protection against external forces. The additional parts such as razor ribbons, barbed wires, security lighting, and assurance cameras are also fixed around the property to promote further shielding and protection.

Regularly installed security fences categories consist of block, chain link, wrought iron, poured-in-place, and precast concrete. However, the concrete fences and barriers are thoroughly preferred by people everywhere in-between all security fences, especially where the subject of security is perceived as considerably crucial and vital.

AFTEC assures its potential customers to collect and assemble all the data required to accommodate them with the most durable security fence and security wall solutions in New York. When planning, engineering, assembling and installing concrete security walls and fences, several crucial attributes like soil types, wind pressures, site topography, seismic restraints, and expected restrictions are put under the study to take only the right decisions

Precast Security Fence Applications

Security fences serve many different needs. With our changing world, critical infrastructure must be protected and there is no better material than concrete. Most security walls typically start at heights of eight feet and higher. When taller walls are required, precast concrete fences become much more competitive than masonry block due to the added cost differential of continuous foundations required for concrete block security walls versus the added cost of spaced out caisson footing required for precast concrete security walls. Additionally, precast concrete security fences install faster than masonry, and can fulfill a wide array of applications.

precast concrete security fences

Chain link and wrought iron, the traditional materials used for security fences, do not provide as much resistance to entry as concrete security fences do. Over the years, as copper wire prices have soared, many electrical installations have been breached by thieves cutting through chain link to obtain the copper, and in some cases, have suffered death as a result. Solid precast concrete barriers offer the strongest resistance to entry.

Concrete security walls can be installed around:

  • Utility Plants: AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Security Walls have aided in protecting the nation’s energy sector assets by installing many security walls around utilities and substations, including the infamous attack in 2013 of the Metcalf Transmission Substation in Northern California.
  • Private Communities: Security walls help keep families and communities safe from intrusion, theft, and other dangers.
  • Municipal Assets: Airports, waste districts, industrial waste, parks, and other municipal sites gain greater protection from solid wall installations.
  • Commercial Facilities: Logistics centers, distribution warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and retail facilities benefit from the added security.

Precast Security Fence Walls

The most suited material to manufacture and construct the precast security fence walls is deemed to be the concrete. AFTEC LLC. promotes establishing and fixing concrete security fence walls despite the fact that there are multiple options available in the market place because of its durability and strength. In contrast to the traditional masonry wall blocks, concrete is regarded as the consumers’ number-one choice because of the factor that it is rather inexpensive and has adequate benefits.

In addition to this, when the matter of easy-installation techniques occurs, the precast concrete security fence walls get an advantage, yet again. Precast security fence walls are considerably multipurpose, easy to install, and take lesser time all-in-all to get fixed than its counterparts.

Wrought iron, chain link, and other competing agents are left behind in the race with the precast security walls as they are more sturdy in protecting your valuables against the external entities. The most traditionally prevalent wall substance – e -copper wire, are profoundly more expensive than concrete and can easily be vandalized and robbed.

Industrial Security Walls

One of the most high-alerted regions where the security should always be at the topmost priority is the industrial sector areas and buildings. The industrial zones usually have a vast-spread of empty and abandoned places with costly gadgets and machinery used in mass-production, making these places the hub of intruders, burglars, oftentimes drug addicts, and other hostile entities.

AFTEC precast concrete security wall system

AFTEC LLC is pleased and profoundly gratified to offer the most reliable security wall services in New York, particularly, in New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester, and surrounding areas, to its potential industrial clients. We specialize in outlining, manufacturing, constructing, and fixing of the most durable and withstanding precast security block walls, CMU security walls, and perimeter security walls.

Features of AFTEC’s Security Fences:

  • Solid, strong, manufactured with high strength steel reinforced concrete
  • Protects the line of sight of substation equipment and other sensitive infrastructure
  • Can be manufactured with embedded attachments for security apparatus, such as barbed wire, cameras, lighting etc.
  • Conduit can be cast into the wall for electrical supply
  • Built-in noise protection for surrounding areas
  • Ballistic resistant
  • Wind, weather, and fire resistant
  • Can be built to max heights exceeding 32 feet if required
  • Quick installation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Decorative for areas where an aesthetically pleasing look is required

To obtain more information or discuss a specific security fence project, please contact AFTEC directly to be put in contact with one of our qualified specialists who will assist in every aspect of preparing for and executing your project.

Service Areas: New York, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Ithaca, Niagara Falls, Utica, Binghamton, and in all other cities of New York.

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