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In addition to our proprietary StoneTree and SounTec Forming Systems, AFTEC can also produce custom forms for any design-build projects.


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AFTEC: Advanced Forming Technology

AFTEC, a pioneer in the development and production of concrete vertical fence wall forming systems for large panels with formed texture on both sides, continues to be a leader in fence and sound wall design, having developed some of the most efficient systems in the industry.

The first wall systems developed were designed to vertically cast the traditional separate column and panel designs. Soon after, AFTEC designed and developed the unique integrally cast column and panel as one piece, “The StoneTree® system”, saving over half the labor and equipment costs of building a concrete fence wall. AFTEC also has developed very efficient traditional sound wall systems, “The SoundTec™ Systems”, which is capable of vertically casting tall monolithically cast panels or smaller stackable panels for sound walls of various heights. In addition, AFTEC maintains the design and production of all form liners in-house.

Today, AFTEC manufactures and markets forming systems for all types of fence and sound walls, including both noise absorptive and noise reflective. AFTEC also designs, supplies and installs fence and sound walls nationally, either through their producer network or directly with their own crews where a local producer is not available.

StoneTree concrete fence systems

StoneTree® Security & Perimeter Wall

The StoneTree® Wall System incorporates an integrated column and panel wall section which is available in standard heights up to eight ft. (2.4 meters) and can be stacked to heights up to sixteen feet (4.8 meters). All StoneTree® Walls are cast vertically and provide a formed texture on both sides. StoneTree® walls are also reflective sound barriers.

StoneTree® Walls are installed using AFTEC’s rigid Footing Support with standard spaced caisson footings at 15ft/4.5m on center with structural supports embedded into the footing.

This provides for:

  • Faster installation with a strong footing/wall connection
  • Can be engineered to meet a wide variety of site conditions
  • Safer to install with no bracing or grouting required
  • Self-aligns each wall section as it is installed
  • StoneTree® Walls are offered in several distinct designs, each design exhibiting their own look and style and can be custom stained in a variety of colors to accomplish the desired look.
SoundTec sound barrier walls

SoundTec™ Reflective & Absorptive Sound Barriers

The SoundTec™ Wall System comprises of stackable wall panels that can be constructed to your desired height and supported either by steel or concrete H columns. SoundTec™ panels can be produced with either reflective or absorptive sound attenuation qualities. The panels are supplied with formed textured finishes on one or both sides, inclusive of both types of sound reducing types.

Benefits include:

  • Walls can be custom designed to meet a wide variety of applications
  • Panel length, height, and thickness can be manufactured in different dimensions
  • Columns can be placed further or closer together
  • Textured finishes can vary
  • Specific DOT requirements can be met

All AFTEC Walls are engineered to address wind load, soil and seismic conditions to meet the specific requirements of each project where the products are being installed.

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