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Vs Wood Fences

Even with treatment, wood will deteriorate over time due to dry rot, insect damage, and general weathering. AFTEC precast fencing is a stronger and low-maintenance option, making it the superior solution.


Concrete fence vs wood fence, which is more superior?

Many prefer a concrete fence or wall to a perimeter fence made of wood for a variety of reasons. Modern construction methods in precast concrete allow quick and efficient installation of concrete walls. The durability of concrete is a significant factor when compared to how fast wood deteriorates. Because of the extensive variety of choices for concrete molds, the patterns available to make a really attractive concrete wall are outstanding.

Here is a comparison between wood fencing and concrete walls for consideration.

Wood Fences Require More Maintenance and Have a Shorter Useful Lifespan

To extend the life of wood; exterior wood should be treated for weather resistance. Moreover, treated wood lasts longer when sealed by the application of waterproofing compounds. Some prefer a painted wood fence to wood in a natural color. All of these extra steps cost money and require more work to accomplish.

Painting a wooden fence lasts only for a short time. Exposure to the elements of sun and weather causes paint to fade, crack, or peel. This requires removing the bad areas with a scraper, then sanding, priming, and then repainting. Many have to repaint fences every year, which is not very convenient.

Be sure to compare the total cost, including the added costs of maintenance and replacement for wood fencing, when thinking about concrete walls as an alternative. While the initial investment in precast concrete walls may be higher, than using wooden fencing, the reduction in maintenance costs and the longer life of a concrete wall is a terrific benefit.

Wood Deterioration

Wood, even when treated, deteriorates over time much faster than more durable materials like concrete. Wood rot, also called “dry rot,” is a common problem. Fungal infection of wood causes the problem. Over time, this destroys the structural integrity of the wood. After that, damaged portions of the wood need replacement. To make sure the fungus is completely removed; large sections of a wood fence may need replacement. Additionally, dry rot can come back repeatedly.

Termite Infestation

Any contact between wood and ground is an open invitation for termite infestation. Moreover, any contact between wood fences and wood structures, allows the termites to spread from outside wood to interior wood, eating their way through the entire structure over time. Termites are very opportunistic creatures. They will follow a single ground-to-wood contact to consume the entire wood structure eventually, from inside out, necessitating expensive repairs.

Concrete is Stronger

Wood fences can be more easily breached than concrete by animals (dogs digging under them) or even by a person who intentionally wants to break in. Concrete provides a much stronger perimeter barricade. When animals need to be securely kept inside, the concrete walls attach to a sturdy underground foundation that makes it much more difficult for animals to dig out. Concrete walls also block sound more effectively than wood.

Concrete is a much better material than wood, when used for retaining walls because of reinforced concrete’s ability to stand firmly in place, even under heavy weight pressure.

Concrete Walls are Beautiful

Decorative precast concrete using the AFTEC system is really remarkably beautiful. The casts allow the concrete walls to take on the appearance of brick or stone. The concrete can be artistically stained is such a way as to offer a dramatic presentation.

The photo gallery shows how concrete walls nicely mix with wrought iron fencing, resulting in a terrific combination.

Precast Concrete Comparisons

AFTECsystems not only have tremendous advantages over wood fencing, they also are a very high quality precast concrete. The AFTEC system is one of the industry leaders in precast concrete wall installation that compares more favorably in many ways, against inferior attempts of competitors.

Choose AFTEC for your Concrete Fence Needs

While part of the decision between wood fencing and precast concrete walls comes down to the aesthetic choices and budget, it is certainly true that precast concrete walls have many advantages over wooden fencing.

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