Our Precast Concrete Fences Vs Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing can be prone to discoloration, becomes brittle over time, and is difficult to repair. AFTEC precast concrete fences can maintain the look of vinyl while being an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and stronger option.


Concrete vs Vinyl, Why is concrete the right choice for you?

Fencing is one of key landscaping features that can add value to your property. Unlike traditional fencing where homeowners had to choose between a wooden fence and a white picket fence, numerous improvements have led to the development of multiple fencing options. Concrete and Vinyl fences are just but two of the options available; we take a closer look at each to help you with your fencing decision.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl fence is becoming one of the most sought after replacements for traditional rails or wood pickets. Despite its pricey cost, vinyl is an investment that many homeowners opt for due its numerous benefits and its availability in different colors. Vinyl is about five times as strong as wood, making it a better choice. It’s very flexible thus very suitable for various weather conditions. It requires minimal maintenance as it can be cleaned easily with just water and soap.

As with any fencing, vinyl also has its disadvantages that include; high temperatures will discolor the fence and make it brittle. It’s very difficult to repair as damage to one part of the fence can weaken the whole wall.

Concrete fences

Concrete fences are the go to option for the stylish homeowners who want something functional yet beautiful and decorative. Concrete walls are available in different colors and intrinsic designs instantly adding value to your home. The durable material used in the creation of concrete barriers makes it resistant to the damaging effects of wind, rain, and rot. Concrete fences can be installed without digging up a foundation hence you are assured of minimal destruction to your grounds.

Unlike other fencing choices, concrete walls are installed as self-contained sections, increasing its durability as damage is easily contained without affecting other parts.  Depending on your personal preference, the fence can be made to resemble other types of fences such as vinyl, wood or brick. These materials can also be incorporated into concrete wall for a unique personal touch to the design. Installation costs are a bit on the higher side due to the complexity involved though it will be done in good time.

Concrete fences have proven to be very eco-friendly with added environmental benefits such as; lack of waste involved in the installation, small thermal mass and minimal carbon footprint. The concrete fence proves to be very functional forming a protective barrier around you home that will keep all unwanted guests and spies out. Car lights will not be able to penetrate through the fencing preventing any leaks into your house.

Concrete vs vinyl, Why are AFTEC fences right for you?

  • Easy damage repair – AFTEC fences are designed for long-term use and as such, the fences come in self-contained sections, this limits damage to only one section making repair very easy.
  • Precast system – Precast Fences are hardened before any installation is done; this process makes the material more durable and invulnerable to changing weather conditions.
  • Minimal carbon footprint – Whether you are looking for a functional fence to improve security or for decorative purposes, AFTEC has it all. AFTEC has been a market leader with its innovative and cutting edge fencing options that are sure to impress you. Call us today to find out more about our products or for any general inquiries you may have.

Whether you are looking for a functional fence to improve security or for decorative purposes, AFTEC has it all. AFTEC has been a market leader with its innovative and cutting edge fencing options that are sure to impress youCall us today to find out more about our products or for more information about concrete vs vinyl fences.

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