Our Precast Concrete Fences Vs Chain Link Security Fences

Chain link security fences can rotate or fail due to debris and soil accumulation and aren’t a great option when privacy is a concern. AFTEC’s precast concrete walls outperform chain link fences in structural integrity, added privacy, and overall appearance.


Concrete vs Chain Link Security Fences

Concrete vs chain link, Concrete is the clear choice!


Residential security – While chain link fencing can be built tall, and barbed wire added to the top for security, which is typically done only in industrial and manufacturing settings. Homeowners typically use a four-foot chain link, which, as most people know, can be readily climbed over.

Most security fences are utilitarian, not built to be aesthetically pleasing. AFTEC concrete security fencing panels are not only functional, but attractive as well, as they are vertically cast, ensuring that a decorative, highly defined formed texture in a natural-looking block, stone, brick or custom designed pattern is formed on both sides of the wall.


Either deliberately or not, chain link fences are sometimes employed as retaining devices.  Chain link fences are not constructed to retain soil and debris.  Accumulated material behind chain link fencing will eventually cause the fence to rotate and fail.  Failure can be catastrophic, causing damage to downslope structures and property.

Properly designed and engineered retaining walls are constructed of concrete block or poured concrete and provided with steel reinforcement. Steel-reinforced retaining walls have the greatest potential for long term favorable performance.  In hillside areas, retaining walls are normally required to be engineered.  The geologist and soils engineer must recommended the design pressure that the wall must support as well as the foundation system to be employed. The structural engineer then uses this information to engineer the wall and provide a set of construction plans to be used by us.


Chain link fence won’t keep prying eyes away. There is an option for putting slats in the chain link to improve privacy, but that isn’t often used and when it is, creates a higher maintenance cost.

Privacy fence panels provide a greater level of seclusion and protection than standard fence systems. While fence wall height is a primary criteria for privacy screen fences, those who have precast concrete screen walls appreciate the related benefits.


Without vinyl coating or California style construction, and given its popularity and use at industrial sites, chain link is considered a generic, more pedestrian fence design. Even with galvanization, chain link fencing and fence posts can be scratched.

AFTEC’s precast concrete walls are vertically cast to allow a designed finish on both sides of the wall. Each wall utilizes our proprietary systems so they can be designed to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Design options are limitless both in texture and color. Additionally, many elements can be added to make the wall even more attractive, such as graphics, iron accents, and lights.

Concrete vs Chain link, AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Walls
are the Best Choice Available

AFTEC is an industry leader in the precast concrete fence forming industry. If you are looking for a fence that can provide maximum security and privacy while remaining aesthetically attractive, then you need to consider an AFTEC Fence. Our systems are the most advanced systems available in the fencing industry so you get the best fencing experience possible. Call today to learn more about our proprietary systems or fill out our form to the right to get more information on the concrete vs chain link comparison.

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