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Submitted July, 2006

Written by GJ Stott

Salt Lake City, UT, June 30, 2006: Advanced Forming Technology (AFTEC) has unveiled their cost-effective Combo-Cast™ technology for StoneTree® Wall Systems. Used as sound barriers, highway walls, security walls, privacy fences and decorative perimeter fences, StoneTree® Wall Systems are constructed by precasting concrete with steel reinforcement. Included in the StoneTree® Wall System is a proprietary rigid footing design consisting of a pier footing with an embedded structural support which extends above the footing to half of the height of the fence. This footing structure eliminates the need for rebar cages which are typically required with more labor-intensive grouted cell designs. Additionally, AFTEC’s footing design ensures the safest and most stable installation of precast walls.


The Combo-Cast™ column and panel is precast as a single unit, eliminating over 50% of associated labor and equipment costs. Furthermore, the AFTEC Proprietary Forming Process (patent pending) provides efficient vertical casting for multiple Combo-Cast™ sections (six are produced in one form equating to ninety lineal feet) with identical textured design on both sides, further reducing the labor, costs and working space required.

These steel-reinforced precast concrete walls are more durable than natural stone, block and brick and do not require a continuous footing. The standard Combo-Cast™ section yields 15-feet from center of column to the center of column with a connection joint at the column which also doubles as an expansion joint to prevent problems associated with settling from sub-standard and expansive soil conditions that occurs with conventional masonry stone, block and brick walls.


StoneTree® Wall Systems are available in three-foot, six-foot and eight-foot standard heights. Columns are 18-inches square. The structural perimeter of the wall is five-inches thick. Other options include specialized systems for retaining walls, security fences and decorative screens and may be custom built to specified heights and lengths.

Texture Styles

Textured appearances such as a variety of natural stone, brick, block, stucco and architectural designs are available. A variety of colors may be applied through field applications. Using AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Forming Equipment, a manufacturer can interchange form liners to create any of these appearances.


Pricing varies with the type of wall, but a StoneTree® Wall Systems are more cost-effective than conventional walls. For example, a completely natural stone wall costs approximately five times more than a precast concrete fence, while manufactured brick or stone costs greater than three times as much. StoneTree® products are competitively priced with a decorative concrete block wall.

Licensing and Support

StoneTree® Wall Systems are sold with licensing by AFTEC to pre-approved manufacturers. AFTEC’s ongoing product support keeps manufacturers in front of the competition. Licensed manufacturers receive system training and shared knowledge from representatives with years of hands-on experience. AFTEC’s state-of-the-art StoneTree® Wall Systems are the most efficient forming systems in the concrete fence market. To obtain further information about becoming a licensee, please fill out our inquiry form.