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Benefits of Precast Wall Panels

Written by GJ Stott

Precast wall panels are a good choice for many applications, both residential and commercial. Precast wall panels make excellent sound barrier walls, retaining walls, boundary walls and decorative fences. Our precast wall panels have texture on both sides, making them ideal for home landscaping. The StoneTree® Precast Wall Forming Systems that we use are designed so that the texture form panel liners are easily interchangeable. The benefit is that the forming system we use gives us the ability to produce a variety of double-sided finishes in the supplied precast wall, including stone wall, brick wall, slate, rock, and architectural designs.

Our wall panels are precast off site, using these forming systems, then the precast wall panels and column units are lifted into place. A concrete footing is constructed fifteen feet on-center into which a rigid support, in the form of a four inch “I” beam, is installed. After the footings in the wall line are cured, the precast wall panels and columns are lifted and set into place. Precast wall panels do not require any additional labor or adjustments, even if the ground settles. The wall can be constructed as quickly as the panel and column units can be lifted into place. Because we can construct our precast wall panels with less labor than poured concrete walls, precast wall panels are a cost effective solution for your residence or business.