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Vertical Concrete precast Fence system

Written by GJ Stott

When it comes to precast fence forming, AFTEC uses a simple operating philosophy-Value. Each component of our precast concrete fence forming system is designed and built to meet three specific criteria…

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Versatility

The successful achievement of these goals produces tremendous value for your dollar. No detail is overlooked. Top quality workmanship coupled with many years of first hand knowledge and experience in the field allow us to design and manufacture top of the line precast concrete forms, precast fence systems and concrete form liners for this highly competitive construction market. Our products include:

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StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Forming Systems by AFTEC

Precast fence system


Our StoneTree® Architectural Precast Concrete Forms are designed around the fast growing demand for decorative precast fences. AFTEC incorporated several innovative state-of-the-art features into the StoneTree® Product Line, making it the premier precast fence forming system in the marketplace.

Our Innovative Precast Fence Forming Features include:

  • AFTEC Patented Combo-Cast™ -casting the column and panel as a single unit eliminates over 50% of the labor and hoisting equipment requirements in all phases of manufacturing, handling and installation
  • AFTEC Proprietary Rigid Footing Support eliminates the requirements of footing cages, temporary bracing, column grouting and aids tremendously in remarkably safe and efficient installation
  • AFTEC Proprietary Forming Equipment provides for the efficient casting of multiple Combo-Cast™ fence units with identical texture and design on both sides of the casting, drastically reducing the labor and working area required
  • AFTEC Versatile Method of Form Liner Exchange enables the versatility of being able to use multiple textures such as stone fence, brick wall, stucco, block wall, and architectural designs in the same precast concrete fence forming machine.

Ease of Installation


StoneTree® Precast Concrete Forming Systems are the most efficient systems in the marketplace building a comparable precast concrete fence. The labor requirements for manufacturing and installing a six feet high concrete fence, based upon our local customers experience, are as follows:

  • A crew of three, including an experienced construction foreman, can manufacture on the jobsite, and install an average of 90 lineal feet of fence per day, including the footings, with one forming system.
  • Labor and equipment efficiencies improve with additional forming systems. Additional cost for handling, shipping and labor inefficiencies may need to be adjusted for casting in a central location.

The illustration above compares the installation of a traditional precast panel and column fence on the top and AFTEC’s new precast concrete proprietary system with the Combo-Cast™ integrated column and precast concrete fence panel unit on the bottom. The AFTEC system has less than one-half the precast panel and column pieces making the install time substantially faster. At every step of the process, including set-up, manufacturing, handling, transportation and installation, AFTEC’s system requires less than half the amount of labor and lifting equipment as a comparable masonry or precast fence. Please visit our proprietary concrete forming technology for more information.


The StoneTree® Precast Fence System is the safest full panel precast system in the marketplace, strong enough to meet the requirements for a hurricane resistance walls­. Our Combo-Cast™ panel and column units combined with our rigid footing supports to result in the safest working environment possible for installing precast concrete fences of this type. Anyone who has been involved with large precast concrete wall installations knows the inherent danger to crews and the public until the precast fence has been placed and permanently secured. With our system’s design, it is permanently secured by default by simply installing the precast concrete fence panels on the patented rigid support footing system. You won’t loose sleep worrying about someone tampering with your temporary bracing or your walls blowing over before the grouting is completed and cured.


StoneTree® Precast Fence Systems have many uses in the marketplace. The most common is for decorative concrete perimeter fences for both residential and commercial properties, and often to separate them as screen walls. In the past, concrete block has traditionally been used for this purpose, but precast concrete fence products are rapidly overtaking it in this this application. This is due to the ascetically pleasing appearance of architectural designs and textures that a precast concrete fence can produce. The concrete precast fence system also offers a great improvement in efficiency over block wall, by eliminating the need for skilled masonry workmen in a lengthy and messy installation procedure. Other uses may include security fences, concrete retaining walls, sound wall barriers and privacy fences. Some of our many detailed textures include: stone, brick, block, stucco, along with many other architectural designs. Custom designs are also available for both residential and commercial.

Customer Training and Support

AFTEC is dedicated to the success of the StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence System. Our licensee’s success is a top priority for three main reasons:

  • First, distribution. It is the primary means of getting StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Products to potential customers
  • Second, Customer Satisfaction. It is mandatory for overall success
  • Third, Support – without it, the entire success of the StoneTree® Precast Fence System would collapse. We will not let that happen on our watch and that is why we are so committed to customer support and making sure our licensee’s have everything needed to be successful.

AFTEC Offers…

  • System training and guidance in all aspects of the business to our licensed manufacturers.
  • Shared knowledge from several years of hands-on experience.
  • On-going product support that will keep you in front of the competition.

Manufacturing and Installation

Please see our precast concrete form manufacturing and installation page of the StoneTree® Precast Fence System for an overview.

Wall Sizes

StoneTree® Precast Fence System is available in standard heights of three, six, and eight feet. Standard length is fifteen feet center of column to center of column. Columns are eighteen-inches square. StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fence Forms may be custom built to your specified height and length of either English SAE or metric measurement units.


Learn more about common concrete precast fence system questions and answers regarding our StoneTree® Fence System.


AFTEC’s proprietary forming systems are sold to pre-approved licensed manufacturers. See our Business Opportunity page to learn more about building your own Precast fencing business in your local area.

StoneTree® Retaining Wall Forming Systems

AFTEC’s retaining wall forming systems have all the same innovative features of the StoneTree®Forming Systems with the exception that the texture is produced on one side of the fence panels. Additional reinforcing may be required to meet the retaining specifications. Contact us to learn more about StoneTree® Retaining Wall Forming Systems.

Security Fence Forming Systems

AFTEC custom builds concrete forming machines and equipment for security purposes. Features of the StoneTree® Forming Systems may or may not be incorporated into the design of a precast concrete security precast fence system. Customer specifications dictate the level of security, reinforcement and final dimensions of this specialized product.

Decorative Concrete Column Forms

AFTEC precast fence systems manufactures multiple precast concrete panels
AFTEC precast fence system stone column forms can be used in multiple fence applications such as ornamental iron, vinyl, wood, stucco, rail, cable, horse fences and much more!
AFTEC precast fence system


AFTEC manufactures multiple precast concrete stone column forms for pre-casting stand alone columns of various sizes and heights. They may be used in multiple fence applications such as ornamental iron, vinyl, wood, stucco, rail, cable, horse fence, etc. Form liners that incorporate architectural designs and many textures (i. e. stone, brick, block, stucco, smooth and etc.) may be used in the forms. The precast concrete forming systems are very efficient to use and offer great profit potential for adding a product line, starting a new business venture, or finding profitable forms for cement excess. Contact us for more details.

Freeway & Highway Sound Wall Forms

We specialize in building high efficiency precast concrete fence forming systems with detailed texture on both sides of the panel. AFTEC designs the precast concrete fence forms according to specifications, with expertise gleaned from years of experience in designing and building concrete wall forming systems. The end result is an efficient precast concrete fence forming system that will increase the profitability on your project. Depending upon the concrete fence specifications, we can design enough versatility into the concrete precast fence system to enable you to use it on multiple concrete fence projects. When your next roadway project requires a formed texture and you are looking for the most efficient way possible to build it, contact us.

Custom Concrete Form Liners

Learn more about out form liners on our concrete forms liners page.

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