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Quality Precast Concrete Forms

Written by GJ Stott


Precast concrete forms, sometimes referred to as molds, are often combined with concrete form liners and are required for most types of precast concrete forming production. Precast concrete forms are used to make many products from precast concrete with different designs, shapes and sizes.

Traditional concrete forms required a pan, with an open side so the concrete can be finished with a trowel. This leaves your concrete walls finished on one side only. Advanced Forming Technology uses special precast concrete forms that sit vertically, instead of horizontally. Our precast concrete forms create the shape and texture for the finished fence product on both sides.

Our precast concrete forms can be used for all of your fencing needs. Whether you need retaining walls, sound barrier panels, decorative wall panels, stone columns or more, choose Advanced Forming Technology. Our precast concrete forms will be a beautiful addition to your landscape and property.