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What Can Precast Concrete Commercial Fences, Gates and Walls Be Used For?

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Typically when we think of concrete walls, the image that comes to mind is the plain gray walls lining the side of the freeway.

Our walls, on the other hand, are cast vertically, which allows for decorative textured liners to be incorporated into the forming system which creates an aesthetic finish on BOTH sides of the wall. The textures are also highly defined, incredibly realistic replicas of various types of stone. Available in 10 different textures, our walls are colored once they have been installed, using a variety of methods, including colored concrete sealers and stains to create a limitless number of options when it comes to look and hue.

In addition to this visual array, precast concrete walls and fences have a variety of uses as well. Below we will cover some of the most common ways they are applied, and how you might put them to use yourself.

  1. Marking the Boundaries of a Property

Sprawling real estate developments and commercial properties benefit from a neat, attractive boundary system such as AFTEC offers through our precast concrete walls, gates and fences. You can also use them to surrounding apartment complexes or HOAs, or very large private residential estates. Due to the wide variety of available textures and colors, you won’t have trouble matching the fence to the development for a streamlined look.

  1. Surrounding or Equipping Military Sites

Military project, Camp Shelby MS.Whether a site is top secret or you simply need to protect the soldiers living within it so they can do their jobs, bullet resistant precast walls will help. If you need to protect a certain part of a base, you can surround it with walls and leave other areas open, or you can ring off the entire complex. Bullet resistant walls are also useful for power stations and other sites that might be vulnerable to attack.

  1. Containing Cattle, Horses and Other Ranch Animals

No one likes a wandering horse! Okay, that’s not an expression, but it should be. Ranchers who have to track large numbers of horses, cows, llamas or other animals want to know that their livestock isn’t wandering off, and precast concrete walls are a great way to ensure this. You might surround your pastures, or just the yards near the barn. These also make great barriers for breeding or shearing, where distractions from the outside world are unwelcome.

  1. Insulating Against Noise

Noise pollution is a real problem in the modern age, but precast concrete walls can help provide a barrier against it. If your land is up against a highway, train tracks or other noise-creating areas, high concrete walls might be the answer, because they both absorb and reflect noise back to its source. Low walls simply won’t do the trick a well, so AFTEC offers heights up to 40 feet.

  1. Retaining Soil on Steep Land


Many urban areas rely on taming naturally hilly environments for human use. Because of this, retaining walls are often necessary to hold in steep slopes and create level areas for gardening or construction. AFTEC’s precast retaining walls are sturdy, reliable and available in many different styles to suit different landscapes and aesthetics and can be engineered to provide retaining.

  1. Withstanding Hurricane Forces

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, there’s no sense messing around. Hurricanes are capable of taking out entire cities in one fell swoop, so offering protection is crucial whenever possible. Hurricane strength precast concrete walls provide a barrier against this powerful force of nature, and won’t be knocked down the way wooden or vinyl fences might be.

  1. Preventing Intruders

With the widely publicized attack on a California substation in 2013, America has awoken to the realization that terrorists will target more than military sites: power stations, industrial waste sites and water districts are other likely objectives. This makes it critical to protect these areas. Precast concrete walls not only provide a physical barrier against bullets, they provide a visual one against casing and scoping.

Stonetree® Precast Concrete Walls from AFTEC are the best decorative walls in the industry.


AFTEC Commercial Fencing Pros

As if the range of color options and uses aren’t enough, our walls are also exceptionally well made and highly effective at what they do. In fact, if you haven’t heard, they’re even scarier than Taylor Swift. Next time you need a fence to keep someone out, keep something in or to perform any other service, let us know. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and get you set up with what you need right away.

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