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Newsletter December 2009

Concrete Wall Forms | AFTEC Concrete Fence Forming System


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Happy Holidays from the Management and Staff at AFTEC! We’re all hoping that economic recovery will get a big boost in 2010 and create new market opportunities for many months and years to come. In this newsletter, we are providing updates on new products, marketing initiatives, and trade shows. We are also introducing our newest AFTEC licensee, spotlighting our Medicine Hat, AB Canada licensee, touching base with our Southern Utah associate and providing other project updates.

SOUNDTEC™ Sound Wall Forming System Makes Its Debut!

AFTEC Develops an Efficient Forming System for DOT Highway Sound Walls

SoundTec™ Concrete Sound WallsFor the past 18 months, AFTEC has been developing the SoundTec™ Sound Wall Forming System, a forming system for the efficient manufacturing of sound walls for use along highways, freeways, expressways etc. The primary goal with the design of the SoundTec™ Forming System was to develop an efficient method of forming traditional designed DOT sound walls of different heights and thicknesses with formed texture on both sides of the wall. The main challenge was to design the system with the capabilities of being flexible enough to be used on multiple projects with differing specifications, which would result in major savings for the producer.

SoundTec™ Sound Walls

Some of the primary features of this forming system are:

  • Ability to vertically cast multiple monolithic panels up to 40 feet (12 meters) high
  • Capable of providing a formed texture on both sides of the wall
  • Panels may be manufactured in adjustable heights
  • Capable of casting multiple panels in each cavity
  • Interchangeable form liners for casting multiple designs on different projects
  • Ability to adjust the thickness of walls as projects may require for retaining and other loads
  • Efficient multiple column production with capability for formed texture on the columns

The SoundTec™ Forming System is the most efficient forming system in the marketplace for the production of precast sound walls with formed texture on both sides of the wall.

AFTEC Introduces New Texture

Coral Stone Texture Is Now Available!

In response to market demand, AFTEC has developed a variety of Coral Stone liners which are now available. The Coral Stone Texture is available as a full panel, or combined with split-face block at the top and bottom of the panel, or top, middle and bottom of the panel. The Split Face design may also be added as an option on the columns. For further information, contact AFTEC at 801-281-2262.

AFTEC Introduces New Coral Stone Texture

New STONETREE® & SOUNDTEC™ Branding Being Implemented

New StoneTree™ LogoTrish Claussen, AFTEC‘s New Marketing Manager, and her team have been working diligently on tweaking the existing branding and setting up our newest product line, the SoundTec™ Forming System. This has entailed overhauling both the AFTEC and StoneTree® web sites along with designing a new web site for SoundTec™. The separation of the AFTEC Forming Equipment information from the StoneTree® Fence Wall System information will help direct internet inquiries to the relevant locations. This will allow licensed manufacturers the opportunity to link to the StoneTree® site, which will enhance and add additional information for prospective clients to learn more about the StoneTree® Fence Wall System. The new SoundTec™ Web site will have comprehensive information regarding sound wall forming and technical information. All of the new web sites are targeted to be overhauled and/or launched prior to the International Builders Show.

>StoneTree® rebranding efforts also include an update of the existing logo, featuring the stacked stone texture in the trunk of the tree and the concrete block texture at the base with the brand name.

Tis The Season For Tradeshows!

International Builders Show

International Builders ShowMark your calendars and make arrangements to participate with us at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas, NV, where AFTEC will be displaying a variety of StoneTree® textures and color schemes. AFTEC licensed manufacturers will also be attending the convention which will give prospective customers the opportunity to meet and discuss their upcoming projects and requirements with the StoneTree® manufacturer from their area. For anyone interested in attending the trade show, please contact AFTEC for information on how to obtain a free guest pass to visit the exhibition. Our display can be found in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth N1531.

World of Concrete

World of ConcreteAFTEC will also be exhibiting at both the World of Concrete, Booth number N1437, held in Las Vegas from February 2-5, 2010. World of Concrete is the industry’s only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries, and features the industry’s leading suppliers showcasing innovative products and technologies.

The Precast Show

The Precast ShowSee us at the Precast Show, Booth Number 710, in Phoenix, AZ, from February 19-21, 2010. We invite you to meet us at these events where new advancements of our products will be introduced. The Precast Show features the latest equipment, products and services from more than 200 suppliers to the precast industry. Products range from heavy equipment such as cranes, forklifts, mixers, batch plants and forms, to accessories such as admixtures, sealants and lifting devices, to bar coding systems and innovative new plant management software.

Big 5 Tradeshow – Dubai, UAE

Our sales team has just returned from a successful trip to the Middle East after exhibiting in the Big 5 Show at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates. We were accompanied by our Abu Dhabi based StoneTree® Manufacturer, helping make the show a great success. This is the third year AFTEC has participated in the show, continuing to expose the StoneTree® Brand throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the world.

Big 5 Show at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates.

The Big 5 show is held annually with representation from 53 exhibiting countries, and this year hosted 58,000 visitors of which 49% were international. The exhibit area covered over 38,000 square meters and also included 26 National Pavilions.

AFTEC’s Abu Dhabi Manufacturer Completes the First StoneTree® Boundary Wall in the UAE

AFTEC is pleased to congratulate Marwan Kattan, Managing Partner of Ibtikar IBID Company, the StoneTree® Manufacturer in the UAE, on the success of his first project. The StoneTree® installation was recently completed in Abu Dhabi on the Al-Bateen Development Project which was commissioned by ALDAR Properties PJSC, one of the leading development and contracting companies in the Abu Dhabi emirate. The StoneTree® portion of the project spanned over 1 km of boundary wall and was colored to blend with the desert environment. This project was built using the ashlar design. The StoneTree® products have been extremely well received as one of the first decorative walls with a formed texture on both sides.

The StoneTree® installation was recently completed in Abu Dhabi on the Al-Bateen Development Project

CPI Magazine reprinted a two-page article on AFTEC in their Middle East edition that was distributed at the Big 5 show.

CPI Magazine reprinted a two-page article on AFTEC in their Middle East edition that was distributed at the Big 5 show.

To view the entire article, please click the sample image above or this link to download the PDF.

New Licensee News

AFTEC Welcomes StoneTree® RUS, Vladivostok, Russia

AFTEC is pleased to welcome StoneTree® RUS, located in Vladivostok, Russia, as its newest international licensed Manufacturer. StoneTree® RUS will offer the ashlar stone design, stacked stone and slate block textures. As you can see in the picture below, they are taking a slightly different approach in promoting StoneTree® Products by advertising via billboards to ensure this product is known and promoted throughout the region.

AFTEC is pleased to welcome StoneTree® RUS, located in Vladivostok, Russia, as its newest international licensed Manufacturer.

Manufacture Spotlight

Solid Rock Fencing is Rocking and Rolling in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada!

Congratulations to Robin Kurpjuweit and the team of Solid Rock Fencing, AFTEC’s StoneTree® Manufacturer located in Medicine Hat, AB, CanadaCongratulations to Robin Kurpjuweit and the team of Solid Rock Fencing, AFTEC’s StoneTree® Manufacturer located in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada on receiving the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce award for 2009 New Business of the Year! Solid Rock Fencing has been in business since 2007 covering Southern Alberta and Southern British Columbia. In their first year of business, Solid Rock Fencing sold almost two miles of fence within the City of Medicine Hat. This year has seen a significant increase in awareness and interest in their product, surpassing their projected sales goals for the year already. They attribute their success to a combination of many things including: a comprehensive marketing strategy, product knowledge, work ethic, integrity, and the best product in the industry. Their team brings over 50 years of experience in construction and landscaping, and they pride themselves on their professional and personalized service.

Solid Rock Fencing Panel InstallationDon’t tell the people at Solid Rock Fencing that there’s a bad economy! Within the past 4 weeks alone, they’ve sold over 2 miles of fence wall for two different projects in western Canada! They are currently working on completing the sale of another full mile in Vancouver, of which a portion will be for a world-class equestrian center which is regularly featured on international television. As a result, Solid Rock Fencing and StoneTree® Fence Walls will be prominently featured at the Solid Rock Fencing Grand Prix Show Jumping Classic! With the recent success of the StoneTree®Combination 3 foot mold which produces either a 3ft. wall panel with 3ft. attached column or a 3ft. wall panel with a 6ft. high attached column designed for an ornamental iron insert, Solid Rock Fencing decided to make a trip to China in the middle of December with plans to launch their own line of aluminium fence rail in the new year to complement the StoneTree® Combo-Cast design.

Recently, Solid Rock Fencing had a 5 minute video produced which showcases the manufacture and installation process of fence walls in their area as a sales and marketing tool. Robin reports that an out of town developer in Regina, who needed 4500 lineal feet of fence wall produced, called to learn more about StoneTree® fence walls. He sent the prospect to the video link on YouTube, and within the week, he had won the job! To view the Solid Rock Fencing video on YouTube, click on this link:

Solid Rock Fencing on YouTube


Project Highlight

Municipal Project in Nevada Turns to JKR Precast

In October, JKR Precast teamed up with Nevada Energy, the primary energy provider for the State of Nevada, to complete the first Precast Concrete Energy Substation Perimeter Fence in the state, located in Dayton, NV. The JKR Precast design team architects and engineers worked along with Nevada Energy engineers to bring this together and meet Nevada Energy Requirements. Building the product onsite proved to be a very smart move: because the fence wall sections were able to be manufactured and installed onsite, the price per linear foot was very competitive when compared with the CMU block alternative.

Energy substation perimeter fence located in Dayton, NV

With most projects requiring the owner-paid presence of onsite Government Monitoring Entities at all times, the speed of installation has become a significant factor in decisions made by owners to use StoneTree® Fence Wall Systems. The ability to install most fences up to 300 feet can be accomplished in less than two working days; it typically takes longer to schedule and wait for inspections than it does to complete a project.

Nevada Energy required that the substation have a completely secured perimeter fence, including two twenty foot gates. The nearly 1,000 linear foot fence wall was manufactured at the job site using StoneTree® 8′ Forming System, with the split face block texture. JKR Precast crews worked six days per week pouring wall sections twice per day to meet what would have been an impossible deadline had any other precast masonry or CMU system been used. Because of the manufacturing and labor efficiencies built-in to the StoneTree® system, the timeline was not only met, but the substation became operational three days before the drop-dead date. The gates were also manufactured and installed by JKR Precast, and according to Nevada Energy officials, were the most impressive gates seen to date on any project.

 StoneTree® Fence Wall Systems gain headway in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area

The dual-sided, decorative formed-texture nature of StoneTree® Fence Walls, combined with their cost-effective manufacture and installation have caused StoneTree® Fence Wall Systems to gain headway in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area, as well as other smaller surrounding communities. Las Vegas is traditionally accustomed to CMU Block, and with several block manufacturing plants in the area, competition is fierce, especially in a difficult economy.

JKR continues to push the product forward gaining market share one project at a time. Other applications being designed and specified for County Approval include Trash Containment and Retaining Walls to a limited height.

McKittrick Precast Completes Retail/Dining Project

Carl McKittrick, owner of McKittrick Precast Concrete and Construction, the AFTEC licensee in Tulsa, OK, reported they completed a 980 linear foot project for a combination retail / dining development in Tulsa. They are also in the middle of the second phase of a three phase project for Regency Park Homeowner’s Association, a 770 linear foot project with 3-3′ wall entrances. The first phase was completed last year.

East Coast Precast to Install Fence Wall for Fredricksburg, VA Retail Center

East Coast Precast, the StoneTree® manufacturing and installation company servicing Virginia, will be installing a 6ft. high ashlar design StoneTree® Fence Wall in the early part of 2010 for a new retail establishment which abuts an existing residential community in Fredericksburg, VA. The StoneTree®Fence Wall will serve as a privacy fence and sound wall buffer between the store and a residential property.


AFTEC would like to take a moment to wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season! May the beauty of the Season bring you peace and joy, and an abundance of prosperity in the New Year!

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