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Security Walls for Utilities

Power and Transmission Utility Site Upgrades Security with Precast Concrete Fencing Two years ago, the Metcalf substation in the Bay Area of Northern California was subject to a sniper...


ICF and CMW wall image

ICF and CMU Walls

 Insulating Concrete Forms and Concrete Masonry Units In construction there are two options when building concrete walls:  ICF (insulating concrete forms) and CMU (concrete masonry units).  For years, CMU’s...


A concrete masonry unit is a piece of concrete, like a cinder block which was one of the more popular ways to build a wall.

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Walls

Use of CMU in Fence Construction One of the more popular ways to build a wall in the past was by using CMUs, or concrete masonry units.  A concrete...

Highway sound barriers protect people from the noise pollution generated by cars, trucks and traffic.

Highway Sound Barriers: Drowning Out the Noise

Highway Sound Barriers Nearly as long as there have been highways in the United States, there have been sound barriers. These attractive and functional structures protect people from the...

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