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With Concrete Fence Panels

Written by GJ Stott

Designer fences are a by-product of other primary needs: protection, privacy or both. Putting up a designer fence or wall enables us to define our boundaries, keep children and/or dogs in or out and protect an area. Yet in addition to serving its purpose, fences today can offer beautiful detail and aesthetic appeal.

Installing designer fencing can provide the beauty of natural elements, match the surrounding environment and accent the surrounding area or building. Designer fences can even make a statement about security, prestige and privacy. The designer fence that meets all of these expectations and offers durability at an efficient cost is AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Designer Fence.

Precast concrete has become a staple in designer fences because it is tremendously versatile and can be formed to replicate many natural patterns. With textures such as sandstone, precast stucco fence and slate, precast concrete wall duplicates an earthy look with a fence that is nearly maintenance free and can outlast most fences on the market today. Furthermore, the rocks or stucco formed in precast concrete can be stained an array of natural or bold colors to ensure that the fence matches the environment, buildings or personal taste.

AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Designer Fence has been used as both commercial and residential designer fencing. We offer opportunities for both fence manufacture and fence installation. Proper manufacture and installation are key to maintaining the longevity of your designer fence. Other products require weeks of manufacture and installation while our designer fence can be complete in two days.

Wood rots. Brick wall and block wall masonry is time-consuming. Stone is expensive. AFTEC Precast Concrete Designer Fences eliminate these problems by providing a material that is strong, common, cheap and resistant. In addition, AFTEC’s installation system ensures an efficient use of time and money. AFTEC uses patented Combo-Cast™ Technology and a rigid footing system that improves installation.

For an attractive designer fence, precast concrete is an excellent choice as it offers years of protection and beauty. Whether you are investing as a career opportunity or for a personal need, we encourage you to further understand the benefits of precast concrete for your designer fence.