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The Evolution of Concrete Walls

Written by GJ Stott

Decorative Concrete Walls

Decorative concrete walls are not a new concept-they have been around for decades. There are good reasons for their history of popularity-concrete is a very economical, stable and tough material, weathers well without much noticeable decay, and needs little maintenance. As technology has advanced, decorative concrete walls have gone from rather simple and crude to complex and often beautiful. Recent developments in form liner technology have refined the process to include very intricate details formed into the concrete panel.

Precast concrete walls have become a very popular alternative in many applications where concrete block was the traditional material of choice. In particular, concrete walls that were once drab and plain concrete block can now feature textures and patterns that have the appearance of natural stone, split face block, stucco, river rock, and many others. Many exclusive real estate developments, professional office complexes, hospitals and municipal buildings now feature creatively crafted decorative concrete walls instead of the traditional concrete block or other types of walls.

StoneTree System offers better Decorative Concrete Walls

Landscape architecture makes use of decorative concrete walls in private residences and city parks. Because of its remarkable qualities, precast concrete makes an ideal outdoor building material.

Decorative Concrete Walls…

  • Have great potential for creative design
  • Are extremely durable
  • Require very little maintenance
  • Are beautiful and add a look of distinction
  • Can be stained to obtain natural appearances
  • Outlast block, stucco and any other type of fence or wall

Not all decorative concrete walls are the same. Though they share a concept, quality can vary greatly from product to product. Stonetree® Precast Concrete Walls are the best decorative walls in the industry. Innovation and efficiency are hallmarks of our product line. Through proprietary technology, our vertically cast wall panels have the same profiles and textures on each face of the wall, with incredibly accurate reproduction of every detail. Our exclusive ComboCast™ Patented Technology produces a monolithic casting with the wall panel and column integrated into a single unit. This makes a superior product structurally and simplifies installation dramatically. All of this translates to unbeatable value and quality-the best available. A Stonetree® Decorative Concrete Wall is the distinctive choice for a lasting, trouble-free addition to any project, large or small. Our walls are available in various heights from 3 feet and up.

In addition to the basic characteristics of all precast concrete walls, StoneTree® Concrete Walls add…

  • The fastest, most efficient installation in the industry
  • No susceptibility to expansive soil conditions
  • No continuous concrete footing
  • Less impact on existing landscapes
  • No damage from freezing or water
  • Very low maintenance
  • Integrated column and panel
  • Distinctive appearance duplicated on both sides of the wall
  • A variety of beautifully reproduced textures

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