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How Concrete Privacy Walls Can Transform Residential Exterior Spaces, Part 1 | AFTEC

How Concrete Privacy Walls Can Transform Residential Exterior Spaces, Part 1

Project managers, are you looking for concrete wall and fence options for your upcoming residential build or renovation? AFTEC is a global leader in designing and manufacturing precast concrete fence and wall solutions for any residential project. One of our most popular options is our privacy walls for residential properties. Here are some of the many ways a concrete privacy wall can enhance transform the exterior space of your residential project.

Enjoy These Advantages of AFTEC Concrete Privacy Walls

Two Beautiful Concrete Wall Options

AFTEC offers two options for privacy walls: softscape and hardscape. Softscape privacy walls are designed to blend into the surrounding landscape and instantly obscure the line-of-site from onlookers. However, this option requires ongoing maintenance. Hardscape privacy walls are easy to maintain, strictly adhere to fencing codes, and offer elegance to any residential property. Both options can be customized to your specifications with regard to height and the addition of decorative elements. 

Specialized Sound Barrier Qualities

AFTEC precast concrete walls feature sound barrier qualities that can reflect sounds and noises at a ground level. This is beneficial for any homeowner looking to spend a lot of time in their outdoor space without the worry of loud neighbors or passing traffic.


Decorative Design Options

At AFTEC, we design and engineer our concrete wall systems to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we offer an array of decorative features for our concrete privacy walls such as different texture options applied to both sides and architectural elements to heighten the wall’s appearance.

Invest In AFTEC Precast Concrete Privacy Fences 

If you are looking for the best way to enhance security, privacy, comfort, and beauty for your residential construction project, AFTEC precast concrete fence and wall systems are an optimal solution. Not only will the homeowners enjoy the comfort and serenity that an elegant, sound-reducing, secure concrete privacy wall offers, but you, the project manager, can enjoy easy installations and affordable material costs. Contact AFTEC to get started today!