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The Most Advanced Concrete Wall System in the World

Written by GJ Stott

Concrete walls are preferred for many fencing applications; concrete has strength and durability that wood and vinyl alone don’t have. Traditional poured concrete walls have to be set horizontally until the slab has hardened. However, there are more advanced ways of forming concrete walls.

StoneTree® Pre Cast Fence Walls, the Most Advanced Concrete Wall System in the World

Advanced Forming Technology uses a state-of-the-art precast concrete wall forming system. Our equipment combines advanced concrete forming machines with decorative concrete walls to create the most efficient concrete wall system available in the precast concrete fence industry. Our specialty is designing and manufacturing concrete wall machines and wall forming systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We also furnish concrete multi-use form liners for all types of fences and walls.

Concrete wall systems are manufactured for efficiency, versatility and safety. Precast concrete walls are formed with the wall and column unit as one. Poured concrete walls have to be lifted and set into place with a lot of labor. Precast concrete walls and columns are made off site then set into place. There is less labor involved and less maintenance required. Concrete wall systems are designed to be beautiful as well. Use our concrete wall systems for retaining walls, sound wall barriers, boundary walls, security walls and architectural walls.