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Concrete Wall Panel Technology At Its Best

Written by GJ Stott

Concrete wall panels are an affordable option for both residential and commercial walls. Concrete wall panels require minimum maintenance; precast concrete wall panels are the most advanced concrete walls offered today. Our precast concrete wall panels are unique because they are the only walls to have both the column and the wall panel cast as one unit.

Concrete wall panels, when compared to poured concrete walls, are more cost effective and labor-saving, as well as durable. Poured concrete walls had to be laid down horizontally and poured. Texture would be on only one side. Precast concrete wall panels are cast vertically with texture on both sides, due to the precast forming system we use.

Concrete wall panels are used for many applications: privacy fencing, sound barrier walls near roads as well as boundary walls, security walls and more. Precast forming systems have made concrete wall panels affordable for homes and businesses.