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Textured Concrete Fence Walls Offer Attractive Versatility

AFTEC’s System provides attractive texture to BOTH sides of each precast concrete fence wall. Textured concrete fence walls provide an added elegance which CMU block and other masonry fencing materials cannot replicate. AFTEC Precast Concrete Fence Wall sections are vertically cast, ensuring that each section has a highly defined brick, block or stone texture formed on BOTH sides of the fence wall. The stylish and seamless appearance of AFTEC Fence Wall Panels provide aesthetically pleasing views of the textured concrete fence wall from every angle.

AFTEC's Ashlar TextureASHLAR
AFTEC's Slate Block TextureSLATE BLOCK
AFTEC's Weathered Brick TextureWEATHERED BRICK
AFTEC's New Brick Texture NEW BRICK

AFTEC's Stacked Stone TextureSTACKED STONE
AFTEC's Split Block TextureSPLIT BLOCK
AFTEC's Coral Stone/Split Block TextureCORAL STONE/SPLIT BLOCK
AFTEC's Split Ledgestone TextureLEDGESTONE