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Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Walls

A concrete masonry unit is a piece of concrete, like a cinder block which was one of the more popular ways to build a wall.

Use of CMU in Fence Construction

One of the more popular ways to build a wall in the past was by using CMUs, or concrete masonry units.  A concrete masonry unit is a piece of concrete, like a cinder block. Typically, these units are grouted together to serve as part of the construction process, which could be walls, fences, or another structure.  These individual CMUs that are grouted together are susceptible to expansive soil conditions, and are not as structurally sound as a single monolithic precast fencing unit. Additionally, CMU’s that are grouted together require a continuous footing system to build the fences on.

AFTEC uses our patented precasting method to give fences the look of CMU walls, but with all the benefits precast has to offer. AFTEC creates an entire 15 foot wall panel and the neighboring fence column into a single structure. Not only that, but AFTEC walls do NOT require a continuous footing system like traditional CMU walls, and our precast walls will span from footing to footing  – saving you labor and material costs. Construction done with the appearance of CMUs can be counted on as being constructed economically, efficiently, and with fire-resistance as an important component of the process.


Split Face Precast CMU’s

Probably the most desired CMU is the split faced block walls.  These CMU textured walls can be made to fit neighboring architectural styles, making them great to use in any location.  These walls have just as much durability, are engineered just as stringently, and can be made to accept applied finishes, which makes them great for boundary walls and other locations.


Precast CMU Textured Fences and Walls

The materials used for CMU walls include cement, aggregates, and water.  The materials are formed in molds and then harden, which adds to its strength when the construction process is complete.  Color can be added to make the materials appropriate for areas with existing structures, or as a way to make a wall stand out, or to make it blend in.

When the CMU textured fence walls are poured and cured, they are made in larger molds so that they can be installed faster, which saves money on installation labor.  Another advantage of using AFTEC block CMU walls use a Rigid footing system.  This system places a steel I-beam into the footing (versus a thin piece of rebar like our competitors) allowing the fence panel to self-align, making the installation process faster, and at the same time, making the unit more structurally sound.

Another advantage of new technology in the use of CMUs in construction fencing is that they are vertically cast to allow the CMU texture to show on both sides of the wall. This allows aesthetically pleasing fencing to be seen on both sides of the fence.

Contact AFTEC for all your fencing needs.  Know that you will be getting a reliable and visually interesting fence, made from the best materials available.

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