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Why Choose Precast Concrete Walls for Your Project

AFTEC - Why choose precast concrete walls for your project?

Owners and architects usually have to choose two out of three options when deciding on a precast concrete wall system to use for their project. Those options? Installation speed, aesthetics, and cost. A wall project comes down to these three things, but why not have all three? AFTEC offers the ultimate solution in precast concrete wall systems.

In this article, AFTEC will share why our product is the best choice for your project. Precast concrete walls make all three of the options available, so you get only the best in the industry. Don’t believe us? Look around at the residential, commercial, and industrial industries. Each one has a need and use for precast concrete walls.

Precast Concrete Wall Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of precast concrete walls, most owners or architects are limited in their options. AFTEC offers many options in look and function. Whether you’re surrounding a residential area or installing a commercial highway wall, we can help.

#1. Aesthetically Versatile

Precast concrete walls by AFTEC offer a variety of looks and styles. For most, the block, brick, stone, and stucco aesthetics work great for their projects. What’s more, you can apply these styles to both sides of the wall system, not just one like most the industry allows.

#2. Superior Durability and Strength

As your concrete wall ages, it actually becomes more durable. The concrete hardens and offers a denser product. The caisson footings for your precast concrete wall also provide an added layer of support. Precast concrete walls will last for years to come.

#3. Excellent Protection

If you have a facility or unit that needs protection, a precast concrete wall is a great start to enclosing the area. Vehicles and projectiles will be deterred from the area, as well as forced to enter through designated areas. What’s more, you can install electronic security features to enhance the wall even more. Finally, precast concrete walls have been impact-tested for hurricanes and tornadoes.

#4. Ease of Installation

Want to have a speedy installation process compared to other wall materials? AFTEC’s precast concrete wall system is super efficient and offers a decreased installation time. This helps you save money by completing the project sooner, as well as make more by completing more jobs in less time.

#5. Consistent High-Quality

Precast concrete walls are produced in a controlled environment and then shipped to the job site. This means that the high quality of the concrete is consistent. Other materials tend to be affected by temperature, curing conditions, craftsmanship, and material quality. The consistent nature of precast concrete walls makes it the best option for your project, not being affected by these conditional factors.

AFTEC: Worldwide Leader in Precast Concrete Wall Systems

Unlike other materials, AFTEC precast concrete walls are strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. You do not have to choose two of the three benefits with concrete walls. You can enjoy them all. What’s more, AFTEC will take care of all your industrial, commercial, or residential precast concrete wall needs. Contact us today for a quote.

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