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6 Precast Concrete Products to Consider for Your Construction Project

AFTEC - 6 Precast concrete products to consider for your construction project

At AFTEC, we strive to deliver the absolute best in precast concrete wall products, including systems and services. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to add precast concrete wall systems to your product line or you’re in need of a wall for your subdivision, warehouse, or industrial complex, we can help.

In the concrete industry, there are dozens of products you can choose from for medium to large-scale projects. Alongside AFTEC’s precast concrete walls, you may need some of the following precast concrete products to complete your construction project. While this is not an exhaustive list, these are the most common we’ve found while working worldwide with contractors, project managers, CEOs, governments, and city councils.

6 Common Precast Concrete Products

When it comes to precast concrete products, three things come to mind. Cost-effective, durable, and efficient. Your construction project needs all three to be a success for you, your superiors, and the customer. In an effort to help you find precast concrete products that will serve your projects, here are the six most common:

#1. Agricultural Products

When it comes to withstanding weather and climate, precast concrete products are the most durable option. As you’ll see in another one of our blog posts 7 Famous Border Walls From Around the World, concrete walls last a long time. In some cases, walls have lasted for more than a millennia. Precast products like bunkers, silos, feed bunks, grids, fencing, slats, troughs, and more all can be precast.

#2. Site and Building Amenities

Whether you own and operate a parking garage, office building, warehouse, or industrial energy complex, you can utilize a wide variety of small to large precast concrete products. For example, fireplace mantels, cladding, trim, walls, foundations, beams, floors, and more. In some cases, structural components can also be precast, which saves you time and adds immense durability to the product. Consider a multi-story car park. Much of the structure can be precast so that productivity and efficiency are at peak performance in regards to erecting the structure.

#3. Retaining Walls

For most, retaining walls are considered small landscaping features for homes across the country. While these smaller retaining walls can be erected by a local contractor, larger retaining walls for highways, commercial buildings, and industrial energy can be extensive. What’s more, sea walls are another potential precast concrete product.

#4. Stormwater and Sanitary

One major use of precast concrete is infrastructure, specifically sanitary and stormwater applications. These two applications are typically designed and installed underground, which makes precast concrete a super efficient and productive way to accomplish the construction project goal. Some precast concrete products for these applications include manholes, catch basins, and stormwater detention vaults.

#5. Utility

Structures in utility are vital in protecting the use of energy around the world. Whether it’s a utility accessory, building, or exterior wall, precast concrete helps utilities keep energy sources safe and running properly. Products like utility vaults, trenches, buildings, poles, walls, and more all play a role in the integrity of energy.

#6. Transportation

Roads cover much of the cityscapes around the world. What’s more, the sound from vehicles traversing these roads can become noise pollution. What’s more, the integrity of these roads around overpasses, bridges, tunnels, and more all require concrete as structural support. Precast concrete products help support these structures, as well as reduce noise pollution.

Precast Concrete Wall Applications

In all of the areas mentioned above, precast concrete walls have been and can be used to achieve an objective. What’s fascinating is that a majority of precast concrete wall industry is utilized by government initiated projects to initiate infrastructural development. Other applications include schools, highways, office buildings, warehouses, industrial complexes, and more. The durability, longevity, and aesthetic opportunities offered by precast concrete walls are wide. Whether you’re in need of residential, commercial, or industrial precast concrete wall products, AFTEC is here to help.

AFTEC: Your Worldwide Leader in Precast Concrete Wall Systems

Whether you need a precast concrete wall erected or you’re looking to offer precast concrete wall systems to your customers, AFTEC is here to help. Across the United States, AFTEC offers precast concrete wall products to our customers. Around the globe, we offer various precast concrete wall systems like StoneTree® and SoundTec® forming systems. Contact us today to get a quote for your project.

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