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What are Concrete Forming Machines?

Written by GJ Stott

Concrete Wall Forms | AFTEC Concrete Fence Forming System

A concrete forming machine, or concrete form equipment, is a set of components that may be combined to form a concrete fence or wall. Such concrete machines include any type of mold used with wet concrete to form any type of precast concrete. The concrete mix is poured into the form and, when it cures, is in the shape of the precast concrete forming panel. Concrete forming machines can make simple objects such as a bird bath or planter; larger, more advanced concrete form machines are used for foundations, swimming pools, concrete walls and even burial crypts.

Removing a precast AFTEC wall from the concrete wall forms

Such concrete forming equipment can be permanent and durable or made to be discarded after one project and can be made from timber, steel, plastic or other materials. Traditionally, precast concrete forms (also called formwork) were made from timber, but because wood has a short lifespan and is time-consuming to carve, steel and plastic have superseded timber.

Prefabricated Concrete forming machines can be assembled on-site or off-site, depending on the application. They also are distinguished between whether or not they stay in place after the concrete has cured. When the concrete form does not stay in place, it is stripped to expose the concrete after the curing process.

Filling the AFTEC wall casting form with concrete - Concrete Wall Forms

Concrete Wall Forms

More versatile forming equipment machines do not stay in place, though they can be used on- or off-site. Concrete form machines can use concrete wall forms as molds within the machinery. These machines are used to do more extensive work or to a greater amount of work. Concrete forming machines are used in agriculture, construction and manufacturing to do more efficient work. An example of a concrete form machine that uses form liner molds is AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Forming Equipment.

AFTEC’s concrete form machine equipment is superior to other concrete forming equipment in many aspects. The patented Combo-Cast™ technology increases efficiency and lowers labor costs by forming both the precast concrete column forms and wall panel as one integral unit that can be installed much faster than if they were cast separately. AFTEC also utilizes unique, interchangeable formliners in the casting process that give the walls their unique textures.